HP launches Laser Jet Champion Program

DQW Bureau
02 Feb 2002

HP has launched a program to promote its laser printers, commercial inkjets and large formatting printers called laser jet champion program. Under this initiative, the company will choose a number of business partners who would dedicate one personnel to promote these products in the corporate sector. The partners on the other hand would receive special support and incentives from the company as part of this program. Besides being eligible for regular incentives like E-points, these partners would receive special technical training, support in client calls and presentations.

Nitin Hiranandani, Country Business Manager of Imaging and printing Systems, HP, said, "The objective of this program is purely to increase our business. The share of laser printers in the market today hovers at 8-9 percent and we want to increase its penetration in the corporate market."

HP would initially appoint a few partners in the metros and gradually look at increasing the number. But the number of partners for the program would be limited since there has to be mapped resources at HP to justify the appointment. The program envisages dedicated employees at HP supporting these partners at all times. These partners would essentially be seen as an `extension of the HP's workforce.' "It is not possible to have so many HP employees but we can always leverage on our existing relationships with channels," added Hiranandani.

To that extent, the partners would also have similar deliverable parameters like HP employees in terms of sales goals, accountant goals, etc. The program is envisaged to be an ongoing initiative.


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