HP launches energy-efficient desktop PCs

DQW Bureau
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HP India launched HP Compaq dc7800 ultra-slim desktop PC-an energy-efficient

business desktop PC, being the industry's first to feature a solid-state hard

drive (SSD), which offers improved reliability.

The new desktop PC includes a variety of environmental features that allows

it to meet environmental requirements of the Electronic Product Environmental

Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold registry. While using more power-efficient PCs can

help any business save on energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of

their technology, the effect across an enterprise environment can be immense.

The desktop PC's solid-state hard drive provides many performance and

durability improvements, including near instantaneous access to data and the

elimination of moving parts, which are the main cause of electro-mechanical wear

out. Additional benefits include a faster system start, better reliability,

improved power efficiency, shock improvement and a smaller overall footprint.

The dc7800 Ultra Slim Desktop is one of the industry's smallest,

enterprise-ready desktops-46 percent smaller than previous models. It is

available for Rs 40,000.