HP hits print forward for growth in India

DQW Bureau
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has underscored its commitment for growth in India through a series

of new initiatives designed to deliver seamless, secure,

context-aware print experiences in a connected India. Vyomesh Joshi,

executive VP, HP imaging and printing group, speaking at a press

conference in New Delhi, signaled the increased focus on this

important market and shared the company's new vision and strategy

to leverage the 120 billion pages opportunity in India in the next 3

years. Underpinning India's importance as an important market and

its growing significance while driving innovation at HP IPG, Joshi

said, “Our business is accelerating with India as a key growth

engine. We are more committed than ever to growing our business in

India. India's printing industry is transforming and

we are driving it from the front with our innovation. I am proud to

say that some of the critical

innovation around web-connected and cloud printing are being done by

our engineers in India.”


part of its 3-year growth strategy, the company is strengthening its

geo-expansion programs to optimize India's rapidly growing and

young consumer opportunities in non-metro and upcountry markets.

The other key growth driver for IPG in India is the education sector,

which will be a key focus for investment, especially to create

synergies that build greater relevance for printing through content

providers that drive the need to print more. “India's emergence

as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with one of the

youngest consumer demographics, lies at the heart of this new focus

on education,” he said.


further said, “India's printing industry is being redefi ned for

business transformation by many significant trends like content

explosion, mobility and web-driven new usage models, a movement from

analog to digital, and service-driven business models.” The

company's India R&D hub for imaging and printing is leading

critical innovation around web-connected and cloud printing. The team

has made significant contributions to the web-connected printer

program, including key innovation such as the development of email

printing capability (ePrint), bringing that to the market in July




team has also been involved in developing the fi rst version of IPG's

web platform and the fi rst set of applications for low-end consumer

printers allowing users to undertake paper-triggered web tasks.

“Innovation at HP is today allowing consumers to leverage the web

and e-commerce applications to simplify transactional activities,

increase productivity and enrich lifestyles,” said Joshi.