HP gains on the LaserJet pie in India

DQW Bureau
New Update


With new marketing scheme of trading an inkjet printer or a dot matrix

printer with a LaserJet, HP's Imaging and Printing Group is happy with the Q2

results of this calendar year. It has gained on the market share with the

present share standing at 80 percent in the final sales.

"HP offers customers the broadest portfolio of commercial printers

available today for every business segment's document management needs. HP's

present position can be attributed to this large plethora of products. Right

from a personal printer to niche laser color printers, we are trying to give a

customized solution to every customer. None of our competitors can match our set

of offerings and after sales support," explained Nitin Hiranandani, Country

Commercial Category Manager (Imaging and Printing Group), HP India Ltd.

"We are trying to position printers as intelligent devices which are

capable of functions far beyond the imagination of a human. These printers can

act as a monitoring device or can shoot e-mail to the toner maintenance

personnel. Besides these features these new document-printing devices would be

able to collate and control printing through a particular work group," he



Hiranandani was focusing on the user programs and channel initiatives during

this quarter. HP also saw the launch of new products, HP Color LaserJet 4600 and

HP LaserJet 5100--an A-3 sized printer. The HP Color LaserJet 4600 comes with

new innovative technology that has resulted in four times the printing speed.

Right now for the coming quarter the company is trying to indulge channel

partners directly in more than 15 cities to create a higher educational level

for its channel partners about the value addition in the document management

offerings. "VAS would be the future for any product and it would be prudent

on our part to inculcate this in our business practices," pointed out


Right now, HP is planning to put more focus on the B and C class cities and

is also planning to launch a torrent of marketing programs tailor-made for these

cities. Hiranandani would like to educate his channel partners about the total

cost of ownership and how to position these laserjets as the most cost viable

solution. Government is also one segment that he would like to focus on.

Asim Raina & Shweta Khanna