HP announces Kannada keyboard

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HP Labs India has unveiled a new pen-based techno­logy

that allows the Kannada script to be recorded and stored directly on the com­puter.

Unlike existing key­boards in the market that use bilingual keyboards, HP's

technology called “gesture-based keyboard” (GKB) allows users to input the

data with a pen.

Senior executives at HP Labs said that field trials of the

product had proved successful. “There is a strong co-relation between people

speaking English and PC-literacy. We believe that is that we need to break this

co-relation in India for the market to grow because of the language barrier,”

said Ajay Gupta, Director, HP Labs India. He said the product, developed at HP

Labs is one of the initiatives aimed at emerging BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and

China) economies. Besides Kan­nada, the company plans to introduce the keyboard

initially in two other langua­ges - Hindi and Tamil.

The commercial launch of the keyboards is expected within a

month's time. The company is in discussions with PC vendors who would bundle

the keyboard along with PCs. The company is working with partners in Gujarat,

West Bengal, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Maha­rashtra to develop language

keyboard in those states.

The device is expected to be manufactured and distributed

by a third party, based on technology licen­sed from HP. Dick Lampman, senior

VP, Research and Director, HP Labs said that the gesture-based keyboard would

help in bridging the digital divide by simplifying the use of IT. HP expects

demand for the keyboards from the government sector.

CyberMedia News Bangalore, March 17