Top Ten Holiday Destinations this New Year

The DQ Week surveyed around 200 partners across the country and asked them about their favorite holiday destinations in the country for celebrating New Year

Nivedan Prakash
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How about Leh to Rio this New Year?

The DQ Week surveyed around 200 partners across the country and asked them about their favorite holiday destinations in the country for celebrating New Year. The top destinations that have emerged as a result are:





This beautiful hill station is nestled in the Indus Valley. The dusty mountain ranges, which cradles this hill station in its arms, form a picturesque view. The place is full of scenic beauty and you can just jostle around on the main street during this season, as you'll find the locals selling tea, gorgeous woolen attires and semi-precious stones.

Leh gets its distinctive appeal from the dusty narrow winding by-lanes and main street going by the dusty mountainsides, as the whole town takes you back in time. There's an old palace perched on the hilltop guarding the roof houses as well as the main market or bazaar of Leh. The Leh Palace is the most prominent structure in the area and the entire city of Leh, it seems, sprouts from this ruined Tibetan styled palace. Moreover, the city runs north narrowing into eroded snow-capped peaks. Rock and snow - covers most of its geology. It is the perfect way to bask in the glory of the Himalayan nature.



There is nothing like spending a romantic vacation with someone special in the midst of snow. Shimla is a quintessential winter holiday destination in India. The colonial character, snow clad peaks and easy accessibility makes it a must visit place this season. Known as 'Queen of Hill Stations', this erstwhile summer capital of the British features dense woodlands, apple orchards, and beautiful landscapes.


Capitalizing on grand old testimonials, colonial characteristics, peace-loving environment, and adventure opportunities, Shimla welcomes tourists from all across the globe. It offers beautiful faades from the crescent shaped ridge to the descending valleys of evergreens. One could get to see numerous rivulets, small streams and springs, besides providing opportunities for trekking, rock-climbing, and ice skating and skiing. The Mall road, packed with shops and eateries, is the center of attraction of the town. Frequented in winter season, the train ride from Kalka to Shimla is an experience in itself.



If you are looking for an ultimate holiday destination, then Goa is the place to hang around this season. The place comes alive during the winter months with all night parties and some seriously crazy crowd. The atmosphere is very electric during the time of Christmas and New Year, wherein all the hotels and resorts are not only jam packed but also overpriced.


Beautiful beaches, coconut lined coast, rich Indian-Portugal culture and rich flora and fauna makes it the most popular tourist destinations for the holiday makers. The best part is that during this season Goa's beaches are calm and the sun tamed by the winter breeze. To add to the popularity, Sunburn Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in the country, which is celebrated each year on the beaches of Goa draws thousands of visitors. One of the best way to go-around the city is to hire a motorbike or scooter and explore at leisure.

Kerala Backwaters


In the 'God's Own Country', it is the Backwaters that attracts most of the tourists. These are the wonderlands where water occupies more earth surface than land. It gives you whole new experience of exploring the beautiful landscapes of Kerala while enjoying the peaceful stay inside the houseboats or resorts.

The most popular and easily navigable Backwaters are Vembanad backwater, Astamudi Lake and Kannur-Valiyaparambu Backwaters. The abundant water lands coupled with tall coconut trees and the triangular Chinese fishing nets constitute the picturesque landscape of Kerala Backwaters. Tourists can spend nights floating on the water in Kettavallam or house boats - comfortable rooms in self sufficient boats with bed rooms, kitchen and sit-outs.


The spellbinding mountain tops, beautiful flower gardens, rare Lepcha trees, masks, and Buddhist statues, the Rumtek monastery, and of course, the Tsango Lake at 14,000 feet above sea level - are the some of the hot spots that you would love to see and explore as a tourist at Sikkim.

Sikkim has much to offer all his visitors. From poplar home stay where tourist can get first experience of rural Sikkim to endless possibilities for adventure sports. From ancient monasteries and flamboyant festivals to all the modern facilities. Sikkim is naturally gifted having all sorts of destinations and circuits required for the tourists.


African Safari


African Safari travel fuses adventure, honeymoon romance, culture, and extraordinary wilderness scenery. You can station yourself at various safari lodges, and camps in breathtaking locations across five African countries including South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Bostwana.

As a tourist, you can have a fascinating and enriching experience at wildlife reserves and ideal African gateways. If you are planning to witness the primitive beauty of Africa, then this is the place to visit this season.

Rio De Janeiro

Beaches are to Rio what cafes are to Paris. If there is one place in the world offering every single earthly delight anyone could want, Rio de Janeiro is it. Sprawling beaches, beautiful women, 24x7 parties , and people living life at a full tilt is what this Brazilian city is all about.

The Marvelous City, as it is often called, is the cultural, financial, and fashion center not only of Brazil but whole of South American continent as well. As a tourist, you will be spending most of the time on the coast of Rio. And if you really want to enjoy your visit to this place, then you have to behave as Cariocas (another name for the citizens of Rio).


Bali island in Indonesia is one of the largest tourist destination in South East Asia, which is renowned for its developed arts and music. The island may be small in size - you can drive around the entire coast in one long day - but its prominence as a tourist spot is huge. Virescent rice terraces, pulse-pounding surf, enchanting temple ceremonies, mesmerising dance performances, and ribbons of beaches are some of the images tourists cherish.

As you stumble upon the exquisite little offerings left all over the island that meterialize as if by magic, you will see that tiny tapestry of colors and textures is a metaphor for Bali itself.

Sydney (Bondi Beach)

Bondi Beach is a synonym with Sydney. If you have planned your New Year trip to Australia, then this becomes a must visit place. It is Australia's most famous beaches and amongst world's most well-known destinations. Home to the world's oldest surf life saving clubs, the winter days are quite enjoyable here.

Offering topless sunbaking, swimming, and great surfing for boards and bodies, it provides you all what you ask for as a tourist. There is a great coastal walk starting at the south end of the beach that takes in spectacular ocean views and allows you to visit a number of smaller but still scenic beaches all the way to Coogee Beach.


One of the seven emirates of UAE, Dubai attracts tourists across the globe who visit to see its innovative large construction projects and sports events. From Burj Khalifa to other sky-scrappers, you will get to see best of the man-made constructions. The city is positioned in the spotlight as the dynamic nucleus of the Arabian Gulf region and has become known as the ‘Gateway between the east and west.

Dubai is a shoppers' paradise, as it houses the largest shopping malls in this region.

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