Housejoy Rolls out India’s First Geo-Targeted App in Home Services Segment

Housejoy, India based on demand home service provider, recently launched a first of its kind geo-targeted App to enable a smooth fully-automated interface for customers and service providers. Strengthening its presence in the top 8 cities, Housejoy’s latest innovation, the App will ensure that both customers and the service providers enjoy an optimized On-demand service just at the touch of their fingertips.

Housejoy caters to people looking for a number of services such as plumbing, electrical, home cleaning, computer repair, fitness, drivers, pest control, beauty, laundry, carpentry and painting. All these services that one requires in their day-to-day life wrapped under one roof. With the launch of this app, consumer can experience a brand new look, a hassle free booking with a more intuitive service classification along with the proper guidelines. Housejoy is trying to create newer avenues by bringing home services at your doorsteps.

Talking about introducing newer home service app, Saran Chatterjee, CEO, Housejoy said “Housejoy has successfully achieved more than 1 million customers within a span of 1.5 years since our inception. Our recent success story clearly highlights that to tap the hyper-local market, we need to develop technologies and offer innovative solutions that can easily be accessed and used by consumers and service providers who themselves are tech savvy. Housejoy, as a brand, believes that innovative solutions must cater to the local requirements to build loyalty among customers and service providers and we will continue to introduce innovations in our ecosystem that are easily accessible to our customers”.

Indian smartphone market is heading towards a semblance of maturity; we find a growing trend where the smartphone, for a majority of people, has become the first and the only gateway to the internet. In such a scenario, the software that they use to access the internet becomes vitally important. Housejoy is focusing on mobile website with an app like experience. The new app will help the customer to customize the features. Through this app customer can track the entire order, and clear communication will be provided for any change or update. Apart from customers, Housejoy is helping their Service Providers such as plumbers, electricians, and beauticians etc. to manage their business through the Housejoy Expert App.

Housejoy’s website and App will feature technology upgrades such as introduction of a hyper-local model at scale in all cities. Each city is sub-divided into hubs to match the location based demand-supply requirements. The on-demand model ensures less wait time for customers and faster fulfillment and better supply utilization. The Auto-allocation feature runs efficiently. The feature differentiation includes distance, route and ratings which are the major factors. The other important parameters are also unique to the business such as matching skill sets (e.g. Skin experts for Facials & Hair experts for Hair Spa), On-time arrival at customer’s home, smartphone usage etc.

The Housejoy App provides its service providers (known as Housejoy experts) with the following benefits;

Available on 2G/3G/4G platform: The App is available on 2G platform to suit the convenience and data plans of the service providers.

Ease in access of locating the customer’s address- The App features an in-built routing feature to enable Housejoy experts to follow the map to reach the customer’s location.

Booking according to Housejoy expert’s availability: The ON/OFF Business switch on the app notifies Housejoy of their availability.

Privacy: The Housejoy experts can conveniently get in touch by communicating with the customers through the app. This ensures the service providers’ privacy while enabling them to provide their service as per their convenience.

On-demand status transitions: The House joy experts can tracking the entire lifecycle of the service accepted right from starting the journey to reaching customer’s address, starting a job, finishing the job and finally rating the customers. This facility is also available for the customers.

Opportunities of training through the app: There are tutorials available for Service providers to upgrade their skills and take consultations on various jobs undertaken.

Safety Modules: The SOS/Panic Button on the app helps the service provider to immediately inform the company in case of any emergency arising throughout the job

Localization: The Housejoy experts can utilize the app in their preferred native language. The App currently supports English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada and more languages will be added soon.

All details provided by the service providers are verified and post verification only they are registered as Housejoy experts.

The Housejoy website and App enhances the customer experience with a brand new look and a user-friendly App. The key developments in the Housejoy website and App are:-

Clear user interface: Customer are provided with a detailed classification and a guided checkout to ensure step by step flow in booking.

Mobile Web: The mobile website is adaptable and provides an app like experience

Transparency in service provided and pricing: All details on what type of service is provided and the clear break-up of service charges and taxes applicable is mentioned for each service under the various categories.

Details on customization opportunities for various categories: Some services have customizations options for the customer as well for example – workout plans, rescheduling sessions etc.

Tracking the entire order from the app

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