Hon Hai becomes sixth biggest NB manufacturer

DQW Bureau
New Update

Global notebook (NB) computer production volume is expected to be 88 million

units in 2007 and over 100 million in 2008. Eyeing this lucrative business

opportunity, one of the major NB component suppliers, Hon Hai started to take

part in assembly industry. With the help of Apple, Sony, and other clients'

manufacture contracts; Hon Hai has reach shipment of 3.2 million units ranked as

the sixth biggest NB assembly manufacturers. The volume is expected to grow

113.3 percent in 2007. According to industry experts, Hon Hai accounts for over

50 percent of Sony OEM manufacture contracts. Besides, Hon Hai is going to join

Apple MacBook's manufacture partners following Quanta and Asus. It has also

been integrating the supply chain of personal computer from

component to finish product.