Hitachi Vantara HCP Scores in Gartner’s 2018 Critical Capabilities for Object Storage

Hitachi Vantara announced Hitachi Vantara HCP (Hitachi Content Platform) has been scored in the Gartner 2018 Critical Capabilities for Object Storage, published January 25, 2018.

Object storage is in high demand to bridge the gap between traditional storage and emerging cloud technologies to obtain the most value from enterprise data, no matter where it resides.

Because object storage uses an integrated approach to manage data through object storage systems, it fuels interest and investment from infrastructure and operations leaders, and enterprise developers.

In the report, Gartner analysts, Raj Bala, John McArthur and Garth Landers, wrote about their evaluation of thirteen object storage products based on eight critical capabilities: capacity, interoperability, manageability, performance, resilience, security and multitenancy, storage efficiency, and pricing. The analysts also wrote about their evaluation of the object storage products based on five use cases: analytics, archiving, backup, content distribution, and cloud storage.

Compared to the previous iteration of the report, the scores for Hitachi Vantara HCP have improved in all five use-cases. *

Hitachi believes it has advanced with the following:

  • Hitachi Content Platform excels at providing a smart cloud object storage solution ecosystem that delivers unique private, hybrid or public cloud storage services. This includes being able to support mixed workloads, faster reaction times, and flexibility to store and move data across multiple public cloud services. It does all of this and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and increases the effective capacity of storage.
  • Handling big data applications can be time consuming, but HCP offers an integrated search and analytics solution to uncover new opportunities and insights data analysis. Analytics help organizations take advantage of the value of their data, surface new insights and accelerate results. As a result, productivity and performance increase.
  • HCP features certain performance boosters, such as enhanced multi part file transfers for faster uploads of large files, easier resolution of content sharing conflicts, and universal file migration improvements. Enhanced performance is crucial for influential object storage services in order to react more quickly in order to change and to optimize costs.
  • With built-in capabilities, HCP helps to increase the effective capacity of storage by letting customers smoothly re-purpose their existing primary storage, provide ease of use for downloading and uploading, and being able to monitor and control the increased growth of data.

Hitachi Vantara announced major updates to Hitachi Content Platform last year in the 2017 Hitachi press release, “Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio Transforms Cloud Infrastructure,” highlighting a 400% increase in usable storage per cluster, 67% more storage node capacity via 10TB drives, a 55% increase in objects per node, and simplified software licensing for customers to achieve over 5 time lower storage costs than public cloud, all leading to over 60% TCO savings compared to public cloud for enterprise use cases.

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