HISSAR: An IT town in the making

Hissar district, also called Hisar, is spread at an area of 4,191 sq km and has a population of 12,30,000. The district headquarter is situated in the Hissar town and is one of the most important districts of Haryana, politically. 

Hissar town was one of the prime centers of Harappan culture. The area has been associated with the ancient Vedic tribes such as Bharatas, Purus, Kurus, Mujavatas and Mahavrishas. During medieval times it went through upheavals and conquests and gained importance for its strategic location with regard to Delhi. 

District Informatics Officer 
NIC Computer Cell
C/o District Collector/DM 

Feroze Shah Tughlaq constructed a fort here and called it Hissar-e-Firoza (fort of Feroze) and dug canals from the Yamuna and Ghaggar rivers to irrigate the dry land. It is a grand structure complete with a basement and a mosque. He built a mosque called Lat ki Masjid. Humayun built a Masjid at Fatehbad, near Hissar town. 

During the reign of Emperor Akbar it was made the headquarters of the district earlier controlled by Feroze Shah. And during the early 19th century the British took Hissar under their charge along with the rest of

Today Hissar has become an important industrial center of Haryana, having a number of steel and cotton industries.

Chaudhary Charan Singh Agriculture University, also called Hissar Agricultural University is one of the foremost full-fledged educational institutions dedicated solely to agriculture. 

It is also one of the important towns of the Haryana State and earned a name in the field of education and industrial growth during the past two decades. It gained importance in the early sixties when Agriculture University was setup as an extension of the Punjab Agriculture University,

The Government’s positive policies have played a vital role in the economic development of the city. The industrial policy of the Government has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and has resulted in industrialization, in and around the city.

Hisar city is one of the important and fast growing urban centers of Haryana. It has grown to a vital position on the urban map of Haryana and has come up because of location factors, mainly its proximity to the GT road..

The city is catering to the needs of not only the population of the district but also to the population of adjoining areas of Rajasthan and Punjab. People from Punjab and Rajasthan come here for medical treatment, for the purchase of good quality seeds, cows, buffaloes, bullocks and sheep etc and also to get good education. 

The availability of infrastructure facilities like Industrial space, power water, transport, telecom linkage trained labor and financial assistance etc is the important factors which determines the industrial growth of the area. 

Major buyers

  • Shree Ganes Enterprises
  • Adinath Industries
  • Ridhi Sidhi Alloys P Limited
  • Global Merchants
  • Hisar Metal Industries Ltd
  • Jindal Strips Om Prakash Jindal HR Coils Hisar

Major Resellers

Kaizen Computers P Ltd.

38/4b S-3 2nd Floor.
Friends Center. Opp. Ispat Bhavan
Sanjay Place, Agra 282002
Tel: 2352817

Mohans Warehouse

Block No. 25/20,UG,
Sanjay Place
Agra 282002
Tel: 2356382
Fax: 2350372

Ramesh Infotech
Netcity, E-759
Kamla Nagar
Agra 282005
Tel: 2580800

Vidur & Co. Pvt Ltd
35/F2, Sanjay Place
Opp. Bharat Petroleum Office
Tel: 2520096/2158413
Fax: 2520096
E-Mail: saksham4@sancharnet.in

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