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Hike Messenger Introduces Hike ID

Hike Messenger introduces Hike ID. Hike ID is a distinctive identity that eliminates the need for sharing your phone number, which keeps your privacy protected.

It will even get easy to search for someone with simply their Hike ID. Now, you don’t have to go through the complicated process of saving a friend’s number before being able to send them a text message.

Here’s how Hike ID makes it much easier for you to protect your privacy

  1.       Don’t want to share your phone number but still chat with someone? Just shout out your Hike ID
  2.       Tired of the whole – “give me a missed call” routine? Just search for your friend’s Hike ID and start chatting
  3.       Too lazy to save new contacts before creating and adding them to a group? Just search Hike ID to add members now

Hike ID was a direct response to feedback from Hike users. In a survey of over 1 million Hike users, two results stood out – 69% of the respondents said that they’d like to talk to people without sharing their phone numbers first: over 72% said that they want to skip the hassle of saving someone’s number before talking to them.

Hike ID is the ideal solution to these two problems – making your phone number private along with adding a layer of convenience for easy messaging and calling.

Hike users on Android will be able to create and share their Hike ID within the next week while iOS users can do so at a later date.

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