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Que sera sera? The Spanish phrase, which means, what will be will be (and that also means the future's not ours to see), is in direct contrast to our obsession with the future. The future holds hope and dread, happiness and loss, and an unmistakable fascination with horoscopes. Horoscopes have come a long way and today horoscopes are inexplicably tied up with computers as that makes for quick, uncomplicated and precise (when it comes to calculations) predictions. Computers seem to take part of the horror out of horoscopes.

Mercury Computer Horoscopes is one such company providing computerized horoscopes. Stared way back in 1990, the company has a reputation of being the best in the business what with its 20 lakh odd customers comprising both the common man and the crème of society---politicians, film personalities and other celebrities from every walk of life.

Mercury Computer Horoscopes provides the following services-basic calculations, predictions, matrimonials and numerology to name a few. The company uses computers for numerology, vastu and astrology. Mercury is a licensee of Cochin-based Astro Vision's software package for astrology. The company currently has two PIII 840 MHz systems and two dot-matrix printers. Future plans include an additional two Pentium 4's and a laser printer.

"I don't have a fixed budget for these IT investments. I'm looking for the best-both in terms of products and deals," said NR Venkatesan, Proprietor, Mercury Computer Horoscopes.

Venkatesan also split the beans of his future plans - he plans to launch in the next few months a new matrimonial service, which he refers to as 'Spot Selection', whereby prospective brides and grooms looking for a suitable spouse can select the same 'on the spot'. He hasn't yet decided on the software, but plans are underway for the same.