HCL to become prime implementer for JDA in India

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The companies have partnered to provide compre-hensive solutions to the

retail and CPG community

HCL has signed a partnership agreement with JDA to become the prime

impleme-nter for JDA solutions in India and the preferred imple-mentation

partner for APAC. The HCL JDA agreement will translate into JDA installing its

products at the "HCL Center of Excellence for JDA", where JDA will

provide the software, training material, e-learning access and support while HCL

will provide the hardware training. HCL will set up a core team for training on

JDA as part of ramping up the capacity to offer these services. In the beginning

of the association JDA employees will be part of the core HCL team to ensure

seamless and excellent quality of service.

HCL has aligned with JDA for many of the products and solutions within their

JDA Portfolio suite. The partner-ship will provide MMS, Win/DSS, Intactix Space

Planning and Floor Planning, E3, Arthur Enterprise Suite, and Perfor-mance

Analysis by IDEAS data warehouse. According to the press release, it is however,

the implementation services that will be the key for retail businesses and this

is where the HCL-JDA partnership will leverage the alliance benefits to

considerable advantage.

With approximately 4,700 retail, manufacturing and wholesale clients in 60

coun-tries, JDA Software Group, is a global leader in delivering integrated

software and professional services to handle the demand chain for Retail and CPG

industries. JDA Software Group CEO Hamish Brewer said, "By partnering with

HCL Tech-nologies, we will augment our ability to support our customers

throughout India and the entire Asia Pacific region through access to the

extensive resources of India's leading global IT services and product

engineering company."

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