Has DCTA become redundant?

DQW Bureau
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Dealers in Nehru Place are not satisfied with the way Delhi Computers Traders Association (DCTA) has been working and has worked so far. Almost every dealer, small or big, members or non-members have unequivocally come out in open to show their gripe against the association.


It seems there are so many issues to be tackled but the association has not been forthcoming in extending its much-needed help. The gap between the expectations of the dealers and the work done by the association has widened to a large degree.

The foremost problem that plagues the association is its un-accountability. Dealers are complaining that DCTA has never been responsible enough to let them know where their money is being utilized. They complain that they have not been even rendered the receipts of the money they have submitted for the membership fees. "Last year they collected Rs 2,000 from each member and till today we have no idea where is it being used," said Harish Sethi, Director, Puja Devices Pvt Ltd, and a member of


To add to that, there have been a lot of complaints regarding bouncing of cheques in the market. Dealers' grumble that association has not taken any concrete steps in this direction. "Had more systematic approach been taken, the problem would have resolved to a large degree," said Keshav Madhav, CEO, Vidur and Co Pvt Ltd.


Thefts have been rampant in the market since long and association seems to have taken a blind eye towards that. Except for lodging the complaints in the police station, say dealers; nothing substantial has been done from the association's side. Some dealers even went to the extent of saying that the association has become defunct and redundant and they have no expectations from it.

Does that mean that association is in complete mess now? Certainly yes, said one dealer on the condition of anonymity. "When members are not updated regularly about the association, then it could be very safely called a mess! We are not issued any letters, there is no notice board of the association, we are not given any receipt for the money deposited and there are no meetings held so far between office bearers and the members. I would rather not call this an association," said he.

The main objective of DCTA at the time of inception was to increase the interaction among the dealers but no steps have been taken in that direction. There are at least 2,000 dealers in the Nehru Place and the total membership is only 150. Further, DCTA has not taken any initiative in increasing the membership of the association. "We have been in the market for the last five years and till today nobody from DCTA has approached us so far," said



However, Shyam Modi, President, DCTA, when contacted, refuted all these allegations. He contended that DCTA is doing everything in its capacity to make the association effective. He divulged that major plans are being taken up for making the association more effective.

Modi informed that DCTA had a meeting recently with some prominent 20-25 dealers--including Triffin Technologies, Multilink Systems, Challenger Computers, Elcom Trading--and it was decided that major ad campaigns would be taken out in national dailies and various magazines to increase the popularity of the association. "This would be termed as a membership drive and every effort would be taken up to increase its strength," he said.

What is the fate of DCTA then? Will it die its premature death or will it learn from its past mistakes and revive itself? Wait and watch.