DQW Bureau
04 Jul 2011
New Update


Situated on

the banks of the Palar river, Vellore is one of the oldest cities in

the state of Tamil Nadu. The city has a blend of heritage and culture

reflecting the ancient Dravidian civilization. Its name is said to

have originated from the word 'Vel' which is the main weapon of

the Hindu deity Murugan. Thus, the city is often referred to as the

'City of Spears'. Vellore has many colleges, ancient temples, and

is a major transit point for travelers. A hub for medical tourism,

the city is an emerging tourist hot spot as well.

The city,

along with its nearby industrial towns, has witnessed a consistent

industrial growth and the IT market is no exception. Moving from the

gloomy days of recession, the Vellore IT market has evolved with

time. However, the market has been witnessing a lull from the past 2

months. M Saravanan, CEO, Carewel Systems said, “Last month,

business was a little bit dull. But normally, it does an average

business.” C Arumugam of Intech Computers said in concurrence, “We

were facing a slowdown

for the past

few months. But compared to May, the business in June is better.”

Talking about the most preferred brands in the city, Saravanan said

that Dell and Samsung enjoy great demand from consumers. The primary

growth verticals are SME and the education sector, owing to a large

number of schools and colleges in the city. However, Saravanan was of

the view that all sectors are equally contributing to the city's

growth. Talking about the vendor-dealer relationship, both Saravanan

and Arumugam

confessed to have no issues while dealing with their vendors.

Saravanan said,

“Generally, I do not face any problem with my vendors. But, if some

problems arise, we

solve them through talks.”

The only IT

association in the city, VAIT (Vellore Association for Information


enjoys a good repute amongst its loyal members. According to

Saravanan, the association is active in its functioning and regularly

conducts programs. The future looks bright for the Vellore IT market

and we hope it continues to grow in the time to come.