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Guwahati Tech Caravan unleashes fresh business ops for partners



12th February, Guwahati–With the IT distribution business undergoing tremendous challenge of sustainability due to predatory pricing on online ecommerce companies, Sify is addressing the challenge with its house of cloud and database solutions, giving an apt opportunity to channel partners to transcend themselves from being regular box pushers to solution providers.


The DQWeek Team along with Sify, Canon and NNR Max Secure reached the North Eastern city of Guwahati on 12th February 2015 to organize Tech Caravan. The objective of this meet was two fold. One , to allow the sponsors communicate their recent products and solutions on which partners can deal in and second is to create awareness amongst the partners on newer business models keeping them abreast  with update business opportunities to tap and garner revenues.


Indrajit Mukhopadhyay, Regional Head-East, Sify with convincing persona reached out to a host of 18 unique partners about the benefits of  Sify’s datacenter solutions and how the company has delved into the commercial aspects that partners can gain from it. Mukhopadhyay’s presentation acted like an eye opener which pinpointed towards collocation services of datacenter and the economic benefits that an enterprise can realize if they partner with Sify. It is a win-win situation for both the parties. The presentation highlighted on security levels and the flexible models that enterprise can leverage of. Sify’s Cloud and application services were equally interesting which kept the audience’s rapt attention. Mukhopadhyay elaborated on the prospect of virtual servers to give a brief understanding of cloud technology and the buzz surrounding it. Users of such cloud servers can not only save much on buying and maintenance of physical servers but can also opt for flexible models of space as and when their requirement undergoes changes. Dipankar Mahanta, Channel Sales Manager-Guwahati presented to Canon recent Printer launches with improved efficiency. Krishna Chandra Bal, Territory Manager, NNR showcased the benefits of Max Secure Anti Virus and the incentives that partners can avail of on reaching set business targets.


The evening closed with networking over dinner and cocktail with Sify apparently closing an official deal. Kudos to Team DQWeek!

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