GST, Rajasthan

GST Threatens Rajasthan Partner Existence

GST is currently bothering the Rajasthan channel partners in many ways. The Computer association of Rajasthan (RCTA) is continuously working to create and sustain an environment for the growth of IT market. And the association members are looking for quick relief which do not seem easy in Rajasthan. However the traders are not so much convinced with the association’s efforts.

Talking to The DQ Week Shripati Mehta of Diamond sales says, ‘Market is bit slow in Rajasthan especially after GST. It’s a fact that in long term it will be beneficial for the traders but right now we are facing various problems in running our business smoothly.’

Commenting on the situation Sunil Pungalia of Pungalia Associates & Agency shares, ‘This slowdown is taking the market a decade back. It is becoming hard to survive in the market for us. This is the reason why many of partners are switching their business. We don’t know about future but in present situation it’s hard to sustain in business.

PK Awasthi of E-Connect solutions expressed, ‘Because of this slowdown the proper cash flow is not happening in market. Many of traders are facing the terrific financial crisis. And the late payment from the clients is also a big reason of the slow market.




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