Growth in IT industry to spur trained personnel requirement

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Allaying the fears of students about job opportunities in this sector, Kiran

Karnik, President, NASSCOM said there has been an ‘upsurge in recruitment’

this year, with the IT industry need-ing close to 1,50,000 trained personnel to

meet their dema-nds. He stated that despite the recession, India’s IT industry

has been registering a growth of 26 percent every year, as compared to

negligible or no growth in other countries and this has spurred this increased


He was speaking at the inauguration of C-DAC’s ‘Com-mon Campus Placement

Pro-gram’ (CCPP) for its students. He added that the initiative would not only

help students in having so many IT companies to come together and recruit but

help the industry as well.

He was of the opinion that since C-DAC already had the necessary linkages,

NASSCOM could provide the information on areas such as the demand for IT

professionals, say two years from now. He said, "NASSCOM could assist in

facilitation and leave the rest to training institutes like C-DAC."


On the IT industry, Karnik opined that the industry was ‘doing extremely

well’ grossing around $ 10 billion last year. He said that this year, the IT

industry was targeting a figure of $ 12 billion in exports alone, further

expressing the hope that figure should touch the $ 50 billion mark by 2008.

Karnik also sought to clear myths associated with the BPO sector. While

agreeing that a majority of the sector remains non-technical, he pointed out

that there were organizations, which were coming up for specialized domain areas

such as bioinformatics, equity analy-sis of industries and so on.

However, according to him, Indian IT professionals had some homework to do in

terms of soft skills, which has become a vital pre-requisite these days, he


CCPP is a C-DAC ACTS’ end-eavor to bring its students on a common platform

for the en-tire IT industry. As many as 39 IT organizations are reported to have

confirmed their partici-pation in the two-week place-ment program that concludes

on February 8, 2004.

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