“Growth for a professional is a symbiotic relation with the organization, one can not grow in isolation.”

DQW Bureau
25 Jul 2001
New Update


His background is as varied as the various positions he has handled in three

companies that he has worked for in the span of 10 years of his professional

life. He passed out of the Pune University as a BE graduate in 1991 and started

his career that year only as a Technical Engineer (maintenance) in the

ServiceCell Computers and moved on to Microplanet again as a Technical Engineer.

In September 1995 he joined D-link as a technical person.

He moved on to the techno commercial aspect of the functioning soon after

joining D-link as a Manager (Technical Support) becoming a TM. His recent

elevation to the GM (Sales and Marketing), North India this May has been an

achievement that is talked about in the industry. This progression has been a

great impetus for his professional life, according to him it is the biggest

achievement in his life till now.


D-link, according to him, nurtures a sense of commitment in the team member

and loyalty is the order of the day. He gives credit of his growth to the

company’s management and its wise decisions. He plans to grow along with the

company and be with D-link in the near future.

D-link has been growing at a consistent rate of 125-130 percent for last

couple of years and even though the market is in the grip of slowdown he is

foreseeing a growth of atleast 100 percent. He plans to bring in his technical

expertise in further strengthening the growth curve of the company. He does not

find US slowdown as a bane but as a boon, especially as the competition is

getting fierce, finds Indian market more growing.

“My mantra for growth has been-to make company grow for my growth. And this

year will be a promising year for me, especially with such a lovely start of the

financial year”, as per Yogesh about his present achievements.