Ground Zero summit 2013, Asia's largest info security conference launched

Amidst the rising cyber crimes in the country, India will soon see one of Asia's largest information security conferences, The Ground Zero Summit

DQW Bureau
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Amidst the rising cyber crimes in the country, India will soon see one of Asia's largest information security conferences, The Ground Zero Summit.


The summit, to be held in November (7 to 10), 2013, was recently launched in the capital.

The security conclave will will take place over four days with a two day technical conference, followed by two days of hands-on technical workshops on information security. The summit is supported by relevant government associations, bodies and industries working in this space.

This collaboration, bringing together government associations and private bodies promises to play a key role in fortifying Indian assets in cyberspace and strengthening national cyber resilience.


Appreciating the initiative, Capt P Raghu Raman, CEO, NATGRID said, "Such conferences provide great opportunity for the different stakeholders in the field of information security i.e. Business leaders, IT and InfoSec professionals, policy and perspective planners and the citizens - the opportunity to understand each other's point of view and pool their intellect & resources to formulate a comprehensive security posture. This is essential, because if these stakeholders don't combine together, then the attackers will take them apart piecemeal."

Industry Expert, Aseem Jhakar, founder, nullcon Security Conference said, "2013 has been the year of major revelations from the cyber security perspective. There have been many disclosures on cyber attacks, APTs and surveillance programs. The PRISM program shook the whole world. Then there was the hangover report which suggested private Indian players were involved in cyber espionage activities. We had the malware bounty program initiated by the Govt. at nullcon security conference earlier this year where participants were tasked with reverse engineering of a malware and then suggest ways to stealthily subvert the security of the Command and Control server."

"We see the Ground Zero Summit as the first initiative towards that vision. In my understanding I see it as the largest collaborative platform in Asia or the world where different conferences within the country have joined hands to create a massive platform for cyber security research, technology showcase and policy creation and amendments," added Jhakar.

Commenting on the alliance, Rajshekhar Murthy, Director, CERT-ISAC, National Security Database said, "Information Security is a growing concern we are pleased at the exceptional show of association between the Ground Zero Summit and the National Security Database. We are excited about taking this unique collaboration forward with an aim to create a premiere platform for information security in the region. Further, we expect the Ground Zero initiative to strengthen ties and establish new relationships among the stakeholders for information security in the country - both industry and government. We are proud to take this opportunity to release this report compiled by the InfoSec Consortium, which is organizing The Ground Zero Summit. This report has been released in collaboration with CERT-ISAC and NTRO, and outlines the dangers Indian IT infrastructure is facing and references research which proves that our Government and Critical Infrastructure are targets of sophisticated attacks."

Joji George, MD, UBM India said, "We are proud to be partners to Asia's largest cyber security conclave, The Ground Zero Summit, which represents a unique collaboration between industry and government in the security domain on a scale that is unprecedented. It promises to be the most influential platform for promoting cyber resilience and awareness in the region, and is certain that Ground Zero Summit will establish itself as a benchmark forum in information security, which is the need of the industry. UBM has always taken pride on nurturing communities and in the same spirit, we are honored to be partners with this landmark initiative."