GreyOrange to focus on international markets

Gurgaon-based robotics systems manufacturer GreyOrange is currently eying international expansion across geographies. The company has witnessed a lot of interest in markets like Japan and China and SE Asia. The robotics systems manufacturer has identified strategic partners in these and other markets. The company plans to build a robust product pipeline following the footsteps of these successful products.

The company is also focusing on building a competent R&D team. The company is currently looking for talent across R&D functions such as mechanical, embedded, software, electronics as also for people with experience in product and program management,” said Samay Kohli, CEO & Founder, Grey Orange.

The company is constantly looking to solve the warehousing & logistics industry’s problems. The company is looking to rapidly building capabilities in end-to-end warehouse consultancy where we simulate & then integrate automation solutions to smoothen the material movement and ensure seamless data movement.

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