Green IT: How much conscience driven?

DQW Bureau
New Update


As organizations continue to adopt programs and practices to drive

environmental responsibility throughout the enterprise, IT is increasingly

important to the broader enterprise 'green' efforts. In a survey, 70 percent of

IT departments report they are now responsible or cross-charged for electricity,

providing a strong motivator for IT is to reduce energy costs.

This expands the role of the CIO from beyond the confines of IT to now being

included on non-technology areas, such as location and size of office space

addition, power consumption and utilization, HVAC selection and implementation.

All this and more points to a shift from implementing 'green' technologies

primarily for cost reduction purposes, to a more balanced awareness of also

improving the organization's environmental standing, as per Symantec findings of

its 2009 Green IT Report, a follow up to the Green data centre report released

in late 2007.


According to survey data, senior-level IT executives in India report

significant interest in green IT strategies and solutions, attributed to both

cost reduction and environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, 90 percent think IT should play a very significant role in

'green' efforts and 52 percent have a corporate green advocate, with more than

one-fifth focusing exclusively on IT initiatives.

Another area highlighted is that IT professionals are regularly deploying

several key initiatives for green IT purposes. Replacing old equipment was the

most popular strategy, with 88 percent reporting new energy efficient equipment

as part of their strategy, followed by monitoring power consumption (83

percent), server virtualization (73 percent), and server consolidation (66

percent). Additionally, more than half (54 percent) of respondents see

software-as-a-service offerings as 'green' solutions.

(Source: CIOL)