Google Launches Hire to Help Businesses Recruit Talent

Google has launched Hire, a new tool that lets businesses more easily organize and document the recruitment process.

Hire is built on G Suite and lets employers track candidates’ contact information, resume, calendar invites, and allow business partners to share feedback within the candidate’s profile. You can even track candidate data for analysis in Sheets.

“Hire makes it easy for you to identify talent, build strong candidate relationships and efficiently manage the interview process end-to-end. It integrates seamlessly with G Suite apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, which more than 3 million businesses use, many of them to drive recruiting efforts. With the introduction of Hire, customers now have a hiring app alongside G Suite’s familiar, easy-to-use tools that can help them run an efficient recruiting process,” the company said in its blogpost.

The new tool basically adds an organizational functionality to Gmail. Instead of creating a separate document detailing notes from various stages of interviews, Hire lets you keep comments in one place and syncs with Gmail communications with the applicants.

Hire is designed for US-based businesses with less than 1,000 employees, i.e. ones that aren’t large enough to outsource recruiters. Earlier this year, Google launched Google for Jobs to help job seekers find the right job for them. Also, last month the search engine company revealed that it was partnering with Monster, Facebook, Glassdoor, and others to let you hunt job and receive tailored email alerts.

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