Google in style

DQW Bureau
28 Nov 2008

Karan Bajaj

  • Type “Cricket Score” in the search box and you will get links where you
    can check real time scores for any of the ongoing cricket matches.

  • Type your flight number (e.g. “IT 302”) in the search box and you will get
    to know by how many minutes or hours your flight is delayed.

  • Typing “, near , ” will directly display
    address/phone number of that shop. (e.g. “Pizza Hut near Indiranagar

  • Type “company name stock” to know the latest stock price of the company's

  • Type “movie name ” in the search box, and you will get a
    list of all the theaters which are running that movie in your locality along
    with the show timings.

  • No matter which country you are in, you can get the exact time as defined
    by the GMT standards, type “time in ” will tell you current time
    in that country/city

  • Wanna know the conversion rate between US dollar and Indian rupee, or
  • Type in “USD to INR” and you will get the updated conversion rates. Works
    for other currencies as well.
  • Typing “” along with your search will perform search only
    within “”. So if you are looking for some tax related information you
    can simply say “capital gains tax”. This will return only related
    government documents.

  • Typing “weather delhi” will immediately inform you about today's weather,
    and it will also update you about what kind of weather you can expect in the
    next four days.

  •  If you want Google to search your given keyword only in the Indian
    websites. Click on the “pages from India” radio button before beginning your
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