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Goa Laptop distribution plan upsets local dealers

Computer Dealer’s Forum of Goa (CDFG) has raised anxiety about the cyberage related tender recently floated by ITG and appealed to the government to distribute the tenders for the 45,000 laptops to the competent computer dealers across Goa in a free and fair manner.

Info Tech Corporation of Goa has floated the tender to procure 45,000 laptops to be distributed to the students of class XI and XII this year.

Alleging that tenders related to cyberage were given to select few dealers in the past the forum has appealed to the government to instruct the authorities to avoid systematic prevention of the competent Goan computer dealers by incorporating restrictive clauses in the tender.

The forum has also pointed out that as the number of computers and Laptops to be supplied is huge if the tenders are not distributed in a fair manner the Goan market place for laptops would be strangulated forcing around 400 enterprises across Goa to shut their shops. This they warned would jeopardize dignified employment of over 3000 skilled and educated Goan youth.

The association has also questioned the need for distributing free laptops to all students in Goa, saying that Goa was financially affluent and did not require such benefits.

The forum has also requested the government to grant a financial relief package to computer dealers for the dealers to clear their loan liabilities on the similar lines as that offered to mining ban affected people.


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