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For 450 years the Portuguese ruled Goa. Began when Vasco De Gama, an intrepid Portuguese mariner, discovered the sea route to India and landed at Calicut in May 1498. 

Twelve years later Afonso de Albuquerque, a daring soldier, conquered Goa. And so began an era of changing fortunes and attitudes, of splendour and greed, pomp and misery, the tyranny of conquerors and the compassion of missionaries, the daring of adventures and the abnegation of martyrs. 

The Portuguese did not quite realize four centuries later that they had overstayed their welcome and that it was time for them to leave Goa and allow it to be re-united with India. Eventually, they were ousted from Goa, after an armed action ordered by the Government of India, on 19th December 1961.

One of the positive and noteworthy aspect of Goa’s development during last 30 years has been the major transformation of Goan society from a feudal agrarian economy to a modern industrial State. 

CSI Goa Chapter

Computronics Infotech
,# 303, Bhanav Bldg,
Panjim, Goa, 403001
Tel: 222254 Fax: 230630E-
mail: prashant@computronicsinfotech.com 
Online – GoaG-3 Vetal Prasad Niwas, 
Alto – Porvorim
Porvorim, Bardez, Goa 403 521
TEl: 415460/ 415461
E-mail: ricky@opspl.com
Institute for Change Research
Postbag no 2, 
Alto Porvorim, Goa 403 521
Tel: 403001
E-mail: icr@goatelecom.com 
V S Dempo & Co.
Dempo House
Goa 403001
Tel: 226281/2/3/6
E-mail: mail@dempos.com 

The migration of non Goans to Goa and Goans to foreign countries is a phenomenon which has lubricated the wheels of economic development in Goa. One of the impressive features of Goa is that it never had the oppressive levels of poverty that prevailed in the rest of the country. More than 50 percent of the Goan population lives in urban areas and with a high per capita income. The percentage of the Goan middle class is considerably larger than that of any other state in India. 

Goa can boast of its people already having a literacy level amongst the highest in the country, which has given rise to trained and skilled manpower. 

Goa has one of the most tension free social environment in the country. The peaceful and friendly ambience is one of the most important reasons why the entire tourist industry has flourished in Goa. Behind the social peace lies the social and political integration of the people. There are no major ideological rifts that can create social cleavages in Goa and the Goans maintain a social and political equilibrium which has grown out of a sense of realization that ultimately the future lies in working together regardless of religion, caste or creed. 

Goa is the youngest state of the union of India having been liberated from Portuguese rule in 1961. Located on the west coast of India, Goa is strategically positioned. To the north is Sindhudurg district – Maharashtra, to the east is Belgaum district – Karnataka. To the south is Karwar district – Karnataka and to the west the waters of the Arabian Sea. 

The population of Goa is estimated to be around 1.2 million with nearly 59 percent of the population living in the rural areas of the state and the remaining 41 percent in the urban areas. Goa enjoys a literacy rate of 76 percent as against the all India literacy rate of 52.2 percent. 

The post-liberation development of Goa, has been spectacular. From mining alone, the industrial activity of the State has diversified into tourism, electronics, automobile accessories, pharmaceuticals, agro chemicals, etc. Giant strides have been taken in education, communications, housing and other spheres. Goa’s quality of life indicators, its high per capita income, are eloquent testimonials to the remarkable all-round evolution of the State in a relatively short time span. 

The State is well-developed all over. Every village is connected with good roads and provided with electricity, tap water supply, educational facilities, shopping facilities, etc. 

Industrial development is uniform all over the State. Goa has 14 Govt owned industrial estates all over the territory in addition to private industrial purpose. Each of the State’s thirteen tehsils (revenue centers) have an industrial estates, an industrial training institute, higher secondary level education facilities, etc. 

There are about 130 major industries already established in Goa. It boasts of over 5500 small-scale units, 50 percent of which are in the organized sector and the rest are in cottage and tiny industries category. 

Goa is often referred to as the investor friendly paradise. Indeed private entrepreneurs are discovering exciting avenues in Goa. There is a compelling attraction about Goa that no other state in the country can easily match. And there is a plethora of opportunities waiting to be tapped in the industry and service sector. 

Goa is rich and diverse in its natural resources base in the form of land, a disciplined work force, and an efficient communication system consisting of a 100 percent network of roads, with access to the remotest interior rural areas. Goa today has a full-fledged Internet connectivity, offering electronic pathways that form an essential infrastructure, frequently satellite-based, knits companies together. 

Goa has a natural port in Mormugao, as well as six minor ports, which have tremendous potential to improve trade facilities.

The State will be front runner in the development of the Indian economy due to the vast hinterland that it commands.

Today the State can be proud of the progress made in different areas like tourism, electronics, pharmaceuticals and agro-chemicals. It makes a substantial contribution of foreign exchange through mining and tourism to the national exchequer.

Goa has a number of industrial estates already set up. A variety of industries have flourished and currently the Government is planning to set up garment, electronic and software parks with satellite uplinking facilities. 

Goa has excellent infrastructure facilities available for fast paced growth and development of the State. Compared to the National pattern of industrial power consumption, the share of the industrial sector in the Goa power pie is much larger. The power supply situated is therefore more than comfortable for industrial users. Goa’s per capita power consumption which is 690 kwh is good indicator to current power supply situation. Goa has sufficient water for domestic as well as industrial uses.

To cater for the future requirement the state Government has initiated the Selaulim Water Supply project. The Telecom facilities in Goa are on par with other metro cities in the country. Optical fibre provides high speed access to a wide range of Internet related services from e-mail to the www. Goa is the second State of the Country to achieve 100 percent automatic telephone system, with a very good network of telephone exchanges. 

Goa is linked by rail to all the major towns. South central railway and the introduction of Konkan railway will help the flow of traffic both passenger and as well as goods immensely. 

Goa enjoys the unique benefit of having a well developed internal water transport network formed by a grid of navigable rivers. This offers industries a most economical mode of transport for their goods and raw material throughout the State. The barges that ply the internal water network are swift, efficient and most important, reliable.

Major Resellers

Santan dias
Alpha computer systems
Aue marie building
Mangor hill
Tel: 403802

Mahesh S Kamat
Electronic Data Systems
Old Goa
Tel: 284370
E-mail: eds@im.eth.net

MK Saraswat
Sancoale Technologies
Opp Municipal Garden East
PB 109
Goa: 403802
Tel: 512651
Fax: 511751
E-mail: tech@sancoale.com 

Vinay Mahmbre
Impact Computer Services
G-7 Shrinivas Chambers
ST Jerome Road, Cross SBI Road
Goa: 403001
Tel: 263257

Manoj L Naik
DCM Data Systems Ltd
477 Khandiwada
Goa: 403706
Tel: 653291

Dhiren Mehta
115 Sirsat Building
Goa: 403507
Tel: 232079 / 70
E-mail: san_cs@satyam.net.in 

S-16, Ground Floor
Gharse Towers
MG Road
Tel: 424195 / 96
E-mail: microciti@im.eth.net 

Aldrin Dias
Computer Embassy

B-1, Loyala Housing Society
Ambajim Fatorda Road

BM Prabhu Desai
Ameya Computers
13/14, Sapna Arcade
Tel: 710114/710874
Fax: 738760

Mariano Souza
Soutech Systems
First Floor, Melquiedes Bldg
Vasco Da Gama
Goa: 403802
Tel: 501732/517611
E-mail: soutech@goatelecom.com 

Dhiren R Mehta
Magnamious Systems Pvt Ltd
Second Floor, Gautam Bldg
Opp Centurion Bank
MG Road
Goa: 403001
Tel: 232071/424183
Fax: 232029

Dhiren Mehta
115 Sirsat Building
GOA: 403507
Tel: 232079/70
E-mail: san_cs@satyam.net.in 

Agnelo Dsouza
Asic Technologies
Pelican Aparments, XA-1, First Floor
Left wing, Altinho Road
Goa: 403001
Tel: 424291/428829
E-mail: asictec@goatelecom.com 

Priyaratha N
Allied Computers
213/A, Second Floor, Govinda Bldg
Tel: 422721/226366
E-mail: npriya@yahoo.com 

Yogesh Palan
Avon Computers
Rosematias Chanber, Ground Floor
FL Gomes Road
Vasco Da Gam
Goa: 403802
Tel: 515050/517151
E-mail: avon@goatelecom.com 

Agnel Desa
Artek Systems
Vishal, Dr Braganza Pereira Road
Flat # 3, Ground Floor
St Inez
Tel: 228204
E-mail: nel@goatelecom.com 

Avadhut Dhond 
Computer Source
7, Ground Floor, Shambhavi Appt
Dada Vaidya Road
Goa: 403001
Tel: 221860
E-mail: csource@goatelecom.com 

Lenny Dcosta
Computer Time
S-1, Professional Center
Second Floor, Souza Towers
Opp. Municipal Garden
Goa: 403001
Tel: 228467/222006
E-mail: ctime@goatelecom.com 

Aldrin Dias
Computer Embassy
B l, Loyala Housing Society
Ambajim- Fatorda Road
Tel: 727627 / 720037
E-mail: computerembassy@usa.net 

Steven Gomes
Cybernatics Computer Service
Off # 117, First Floor
Damodar College Rd
Goa: 403601
Tel: 711864
E-mail: stevengomes@goatelecom.com 

Major Resellers

FS Gomes
GE Marketing
F-S, Second Floor Gomes Bldg
Opp Hotel Delmon
Goa: 403001
Tel: 221907 / 841404
E-mail: gomes@goatelecom.com 

Dilip Mokhadker
Guru Traders
F2, First Floor, Champa Vihar
Opp Popular High School
Goa: 403601
Tel: 704244
E-mail: dilipgoa@goatelecom.com 

Vinay Prabhu Mahambre
Impact Computers
Desh Prabhu Bldg
Next to Cine Alankar, Old Market,
Goa: 403507
Tel: 255768 / 264401
E-mail: mhambre@goatelecom.com 

Shyam Kudalkar
Innovative Computers
Ground Floor, Laximan Niwas
Opp Mahalaxmi Hotel
Goa: 403507
Tel: 253258 / 9822100337
E-mail: inncomp@satyam.net.in 

Ejiaz Shaik
Infotech Solutions & Peripherals
Vaishak Housing Co-op Society Ltd
Shop # 15, Opp Kadamba Bus Stand
Tel: 702685/702686
E-mail: eshaik@hotmail.com 

Jaiwant Josalkar
JJ Infotech
303, Third Floor, Landscape Towers
St Inez
Tel: 424307
E-mail: jaiwant_j@hotmail.com 

Prakash Gawade
Megaminder Computer Systems
2, First Floor, St Jerome Bldg
Behind Porob Gas Agencies
Tel: 254942
E-mail: megamndr@goatelecom.com 

Dhiren Mehta
Magnamious Systems
Second Floor, Gautam Bldg
Opp Centurion Bank, MGRoad
Goa: 403001
Tel: 232071 / 231079
E-mail: msplgoa@goatelecom.com 

Walli D’lima
Picatype Computers Pvt Ltd
31st January Road,
Near Peoples High School,
Goa: 403001
Tel: 226180
E-mail: picatype@goatelecom.com 

X-6A, Apna Bazar, 4th floor,
GOA: 403601
Tel: 737383 / 701801
E-mail: pcclinik@satyam.net.in 

Major Resellers

Zeferino Pereira
Peripherals India
Hotel Sunrise, Annexe Bldg
R # 2, First Floor, 18th June Road,
Goa: 403001
Tel: 224127 / 220068
E-mail: peri@satyam.net.in 

Sayed Moinodin
Prime Computer Systems
Radha Bldg, Rua Bernado Guedes
Near Municipal Market
Goa: 403001
Tel: 227737 / 9822126801
E-mail: prime@goatelecom.com 

Nagraj Prabhu Borcar
Prabhu & Prabhu
Shop # 116, Lake Plaza
Opp Nehru Stadium
Tel: 743768 / 9822121688
E-mail: ppgoa@goatelecom.com 

Railton Electronics
S7, Dr Alvaro Mansion
Landscape City
Goa: 403521
Tel: 416066/ 9822148989
E-mail: railtongoa@im.eth.net 

Neville Chico
Syscon Automation
First Floor, Solamul Court
Behind GPO, Gomes Pereira Road
Goa: 403001
Tel: 230802 / 229903
E-mail: nchico@goatelecom.com 

Francis Dsouza
Spinbyte Computer Services
S-14, Second Floor, Gurudutt Bldg
Dr Dada Vaidya Road
Goa: 403001
Tel: 430979
E-mail: spinbyte@goatelecom.com 

Basil Fernandes
Smart Computers
1 G3, Kamat Complex
Near Hotel Goa International
Goa: 403002
Tel: 221663/ 224739
E-mail: smart@goateleocm.com 

VG Kamat
City Computer Resource
Suyash Complex, Second Floor
Near Passport Office
Goa: 403001
Tel: 426796
E-mail: vgkamat@goatelecom.com 

Prashant Kuncolienkar
Computronics Infotech
3, Bhanav Bldg, Third Floor
Near Mahalaxmi Temple
Goa: 403001
Tel: 222254/230630
E-mail: info@computronicsinfotech.com 

Sanjay Naik
Compu Serve
115,Sirsat Bldg
Goa: 403507
Tel: 262977
E-mail: san_cs@satyam.net.in 

Ambrose Vaz
Computer Planet
E/6,Panchratna Complex
Tel: 733110/733143
E-mail: amb_rose@hotmail.com 

Prashant Mahale
C-Com Computers
G-1, Pidade Apartments
Opp Old Chowgule College
Goa: 403601
Tel: 739845
E-mail: ccomm@goatelecom.com 

SG Sardesai
Comtech Systems
Shop # 12, First Floor
Navelkar Trade Centre
Opp Azad Maidan
Tel: 437588 / 421529 / 841134
E-mail: contech@goatelecom.com 

Sushant Redkar
Compu Source
Models Residency, Bldg # 7
Ground Floor, Near St Inez Church
Goa: 403001
Tel: 436215 / 841373
E-mail: compu@goatelecom.com 

Vinayak Nayak
Delta Enterprises
First Floor, Shivkrupa
Near Civil Court
Goa: 403401
Tel: 316593 / 313307 / 317000 / 223893
E-mail: vinayak@goatelecom.com 

Nilesh Pandit
Doc-Toc Computers
111 and 112, Guru Ashish Bldg
Behind Mapusa Urban Bank
Goa: 403601
Tel: 732358
E-mail: doctoc@goatelecom.com 

Sandeep Vaidya
15, 16, First Floor, Sapna Arcade, Malbat
Goa: 403601
Tel: 730830 / 730930
E-mail: megatren@goatelecom.com 

Dinesh Shetty
Micro Chip Computers
Ground Floor, Julieta Bldg
Opp Tourist Hostel
Tel: 511560 / 516135 / 516120
E-mail: microchi@goatelecom.com 

Gregory Dsouza
D-6, Ramakant Apts
Opp St Inez Petrol Pump
Goa: 403001
Tel: 229079/227482
E-mail: nsit@goatelecom.com 

Subhash Nerurkar
Second Floor, St Peter Bldg
Opp Mapusa Clinic
Goa: 403507
Tel: 263304 
E-mail: ndpc_goa@sify.com 

Arvind Rane
Network India
G/1, Hill Top Villa, Plot # 17/91
Near Bambolim Church
Goa: 403202
Tel: 222751
E-mail: netindia@goatelecom.com 

Bondre Gajanan
Professional Computers
First Floor, Puja Mahal
Near Hotel Mahalaxmi
Sim – Khorli
Goa: 403401
Tel: 252278 / 254556
E-mail: rkd@goatelecom,com 

Darryl Coelho
Third Floor, D’Costa Chambers
Opp Cine Metropole
Goa: 403601
Tel: 737081 / 737692
E-mail: darylco@ozemail.com 

Gene Lobo
Systeck Computer Solutions
Naicavaddo, Aldona
Goa: 403508
Tel: 293448 / 919822168877
E-mail: gene@goatelecom.com 

Sudheer Prabhu
Softek Marketing
S-5, Second Floor, Coelho Apts
Goa: 403401
Tel: 312186/ 317145
E-mail: softek@goatelecom.com 

SD Prabhudesai
Smruti Softech
5, Xavier Complex, Alto Duler
Goa: 403507
Tel: 255714
E-mail: smruti@goatelecom.com 

Rajesh Ghadge
Raj Marketing Co
Next to Mithai Mandir
Goa: 403001
Tel: 431887 / 423261
E-mail: aakash@goatelecom.com 

Ruben Quadros
Texel Computers
103, Hotel Gladstone, FL Road
Vasco da gama
Goa: 403802
Tel: 512719 / 516999
E-mail: texel@goatelecom.com 

Dinesh Vernakar
The Computer Shop
First Floor, Kamdhenu Bldg
Dr Dada Vaidya Road
Goa: 403001
Tel: 228644 / 422991
E-mail: computershop@pobox.com 

Shivprasad Salgaonkar
Unitech Systems
Shop # 2, Star Appts
Opp State Bank of India
St Inez
Goa: 403001
Tel: 431894 / 841532
E-mail: unitech@goatelecom.com 

KS Rao
Virgo International
Shop 7, Ground Floor
Akash Bhavan
Opp. Mathias Plaza
Goa: 403001
Tel: 237579 / 436694 / 231568
E-mail: lalitha@goatelecom.com

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