Globsyn Crystals to help IT industry counter attrition

DQW Bureau
02 Jul 2005

With attrition being one of the major concerns of any IT
company, there has been a gro-wing need to retain employ-ees. Sensing the
current requi-rements and challenges of the IT industry, Globsyn Technolo-gies
has announced the launch of Globsyn Crystals. The proj-ect combines the vision
of Bikram Dasgupta, Chairman, Globsyn Technologies with the business acumen and
vast exp-erience in infrastructure build-ing of the two top infrastruc-ture
giants, the Sureka and the Shrachi-group of Kolkata.

The project has been con-ceptualized keeping in mind an
environment where people enjoy working, the kind of workplace that is needed to
keep attrition at bay and it is scheduled to be implemented by October 2007.
Manabendra Mukherjee, Minister of IT and Environ-ment, Government of West Bengal
inaugurated the initiative. Present at the occasion was GD Gautama, Principal
Secretary, Govern-ment of West Bengal Department of IT.

Globsyn Crystals includes a software finishing school as well
as a BPO Academy and a B School. According to the press release, the institutes
are uniquely placed to take care of the hiring and training needs of the
companies, which would be located within the complex.

Globsyn Crystals would also offer facilities like gymnasium,
digital theatre, super market, club, or even a romantic dinner for bringing 'Life
at Work'.

Speaking at a press confe-rence to launch this initiative,
Dasgupta said, "Globsyn Crystals enmeshes high tech architecture and
environment with a learning center and host of life enriching services to create
an ambience of life at work. This we believe would significantly reduce
attrition rates for the industry."

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