Globalization is a positive force: Kiran Karnik

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Delivering the keynote address at the first Asia Tech Summit,

Kiran Karnik, President, NASSCOM said that globalization is a positive force

that has helped India better its economic conditions at a time when globally

there was a crunch situation.

"Globalization has helped India achieve tremendous

growth even in hard times and make its mark on the world software map. For the

past two years, India has experienced a growth rate of over 30 percent in terms

of software exports. This signifies the value that India advantage brings to the

table for global MNCs. India together with China, is con-stituting a powerhouse

that is continuously moving Asia forward on the forefront of IT," he added.

Emphasizing the need for US companies to continuously look

for outsourcing, Karnik said that there are a lot issues like–cost, time to

market, quality and overall value invol-ved with outsourcing. "US com-panies

will continue to look forward to cutting on costs which in turn would provide

India opportunities to better position itself as a quality destination for

outsourcing for global players," he added.


Speaking at the summit, Robert O Blake, Jr, Charged Aff-air,

US Embassy, identified three areas where forward thinking government policies

can stimu-late the IT sector even further. A strong intellectual property regime

providing reduced and simplified tariffs and taxes on IT products and services

and enhancing government policies that supports the establish-ment of better


Talking about the outsour-cing of IT projects to countries like India, he

said that compa-nies in the US and other develo-ped countries, seek to cut costs

to remain competitive. "Digiti-zation, high-speed data trans-mission and

the Internet infra-structure have made possible the outsourcing of different

services to countries like India, Philippines, Ireland and China," he


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