Global Vantedge aiming to be #1 in collections BPO

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Set up in April 2002, Global Vantedge, a con-tact center

focused on receivables management with an initial equity of $ 8 million, is

planning to become the #1 collections BPO in India. Global Vantedge provides

receivables management services in the US.

"There is tremendous oppor-tunity for growth in

outsour-cing of commercial collections as it offers its customers,

cost-efficiency and effectiveness and enables them to focus on their

core-competencies," said Ra-kesh Kumar, President and Country Head, Global

Vante-dge. According to him, the company would specialize in the field of

collections manage-ment at all levels of collections and would offer customized

services that aim to improve revenue cycles and financial performance.

Currently with 700 emplo-yees on board, Global Vantedge plans

to ramp up its operations in the collections business in India. Kumar said that

colle-ctions is a highly skilled out-bound process and according to him, first

stage dues colle-ction might not be so difficult but, late stage dues can

gene-rate quality revenue. The com-pany is also planning to acquire clients in

non-competing areas in the US.


Talking about the quality policies, Kumar said that the

comprehensive monitoring and quality programs ensure the best service and

returns on the company’s investments. He informed that right now the company

has not started any quality program such as six sigma or COPC, but is looking at

them strongly.

"Global Vantedge will gra-dually expand its services as

its client needs and base expands and will in time, migrate tow-ard additional

service offers," added Kumar.

Global Vantedge has been funded by ChrysCapital, a pri-vate

equity firm and Outsour-cing Solutions, Inc, provider of receivables management

servi-ces in the US, with an initial equity of $ 7 million and $ 1 million,


Shweta Khanna

Gurgaon, (CyberMedia News Service)