Gigabyte to focus heavily on channels

DQW Bureau
New Update


With the view to give quality products to consumers at

reasonable prices, the product range of Taiwan-based Gigabyte Technology is all

set to hit the Indian IT market. It is coming up with all its product range that

includes motherboards, graphics accelerator, desktop platform solution and

server platform solution.

The company is focusing very heavily on its channel

partners. In this regard, it recently appointed its three distributors in the

country–Cyberstar in New Delhi, BioLAN in Mumbai and Tirupati in Calcutta.

These distributors will further appoint resellers in their respective areas and

provide them training and support.

Said Kevin Chiou, Account Manager, Gigabyte, "We

are not expecting much revenue generation this year but we want to make our

presence felt in the Indian market through our vast range of products."


The company is also planning to push the P4 compatible

motherboard in the market aggressively in the next six months. "We have the

advantage as our motherboards are already P4 compatible while it will take

sometime for the competitors to come with such motherboards," pointed out


Gigabyte motherboards also have dual BIOS chips. For

simplicity they have named one as primary chip and the other as secondary chip.

If primary BIOS fails, the secondary BIOS automatically takes over when the

system boots up next time with virtually zero down time. The motherboards also

have a utility of the upgrade, which the user can download and upgrade in


The company is also very much focused on quality and

service. In this regard it is planning to embark on a sustained activity to

create awareness in the market and amongst its target customers. Gigabyte will

also create recall value through advertisements especially in print media.

"For advertising and awareness campaigns we already have marketing

department fund which we will use as and when it is required," said Chiou.

The company is developing AGP-enabled chipset with

NVIDIA, the AGP manufacturing company. These chipsets will be designed to be

compatible with the AMD processors.