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New Update


One of the initiatives that Nasscom has taken up is to build communities for

more collaborations. I think this is the time for solution providers (SPs) and

value-added resellers (VARs), who have for long complained that Nasscom

represents only the big players, to take full advantage of this industry


It is crucial for both SPs as well as Nasscom to grab this opportunity. Look

at any software major today-Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Red Hat, Symantec, AutoDesk,

IBM-building communities of SPs and VARs is one of their top priorities. They

are getting partners to get solutions that are quick and highly customizable.

There are so many partners from India who are reaching out to customers across

the world.


Similarly, if you look at names like Wipro, Infosys, and TCS, you will see

that they too want to have a very strong network of partners who will work out

solutions on their platforms. At a time when IT is spreading in small

enterprises and locations beyond metros, partners will play a key role.

Communities and collaborations means that pro­­­fessionals across small/big

organizations, and across geographies will network to share problems, best

practices, business opportunities and solutions. Often there is apprehension

that sharing might result in loss of competitive edge or business, but

experienced hands claim that networking and sharing, if done in a fair and

structured manner, finally is a win-win for all. I urge all SPs to take this up

seriously, and thus push Nasscom to give it the required focus.

Finally, my appeal to the new team at Nasscom will be to try their best to

dispel this perception that Nasscom does not care for small players. The time is

right and best for the SPs-large and small, to get organized and leverage the

domestic and global opportunities. And who will do this better than Nasscom.