Geneva Software adopts channel strategy

DQW Bureau
New Update


Geneva Software Technologies has recently launched a channel strategy wherein

the key focus would be 'sustainable distribution network with assured revenue

model' to build the value chain to ensure continuous revenue stream while

developing the network. The first step that Geneva Software would take is to

widen its network across India. At present, the company is planning to target

top 24 cities in the country, which will give them a complete presence in the

market. These top 24 cities will be divided into four zones-East, West, North

and South and each of these zones will be covered by six cities.

With Geneva E2C, the company for the first time is introducing SMS software

that is PC to mobile. It is now available in regional languages also and offers

a host of features while sending SMS. Talking about this initiative, Rajeev

Saxena, Senior VP-Marketing and Sales, Geneva Software Technologies said,

"Geneva E2C is a product which requires a concept to be promoted. Today, our

focus is to ensure effective communication about the product and create a

recurring and sustainable base of SMS business. We follow a two-tier model

involving value-added distributors, as well as, retailers, system integrators (SIs)

and direct sales partners to maximize reach and profitability."

The company also plans to increase its customer base and to create awareness

about the products in their portfolio, which is economic and has different

versions. Speaking on this, Saxena said, "We have chosen this model to extend

our portfolio, and in this product segment currently there is less competition.

We need to define to our partners the areas that we are planning to operate in."


In tier-1, Geneva Software plans to engage distributors whose major role

would be to ensure logistical continuity that would act as a bridge between

market and the company. The prerequisites for selecting distributors would be a

strong presence in software or telecom segment with a good channel network.

At the tier-2, the company plans to engage retailers, SIs and direct sales

partners to ensure better reach and visibility. Retailers will be involved in

creating brand and product visibility through their outlet and help the

end-customer know about Geneva Software and Geneva E2C, whereas SI will be

engaged for reaching out to SME, SOHO and untapped corporate at a low cost.

Apart from this, it will provide training to its partners and customers about

the products. It will also give live demos on the product.