Gautam Ghosh quits ViewSonic

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Gautam Ghosh, Country

Manager of href=""> style="text-decoration: underline;"> href="">ViewSonic

India, has quit after approximately serving the

company for five years to take on a new role in the industry. Based

out of Delhi, Ghosh was spearheading India operations of ViewSonic

since February 2006 and was the most visible face of the company in


Now, ViewSonic is

very stable and my baby has grown up, its an adult, and can walk on

its own. I don't think it would face any more big challenges now.

Things are on track now but the company has to continue facing the

battles of life. The only aspect that they need to ensure is the

logistics and the entire supply chain. Those challenges are no more

there and now its time for me to adopt a new child.” said Ghosh.

Moreover, this is a

very conscious and cautious decision and I have also ensured that I

am not leaving the ship in the midway, as it was during the 2008-09

period when it was hit by the recessionary storm. But now for the

last one year or so I have ensured that the company is in the right

and healthy shape. But again, there is always scope for improvement

as the company grows,” he said.

"It has been a

wonderful and a mixed bag experience for me. The best part is that

this company was formed by me when there was nothing and there were

already matured players in this space. There were very strong brands

around us yet we took the right decisions and scaled up to the #2

position. I have absolutely no complaints and personally it has been

a huge learning experience for me," reminisced Ghosh. "Though ViewSonic

as an organization hasn't given me any instances of getting worried

but certainly the market and situation has. The recessionary period,

huge price competition, panel prices fluctuating like stock market,

and market instability were some of the challenges that I had to

encounter during my stint with ViewSonic. I will remain in the

industry as long as this industry wants me and the channel likes me.

It has been a comfort zone for me. 31st of October is my last day

here and I will take a two-weeks break and from 15th November, I will

be up and running with the new baby. I will be based out of Delhi

only but the responsibility would probably be much larger than

India," he stated.