Gang of three fraudster brothers nabbed

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DQW News Bureau Mumbai, Sep 21

A gang comprising of three fraudster brothers was caught by the dramatic

efforts put in by the members of Ahmedabad Computer Merchants Association (ACMA)

along with the police, only to find that they were wanted for a similar fraud

case in Mumbai.

The three were arrested by the Ahmedabad Police and remanded to police

custody. Later, it was found that two of the three brothers were involved in

fraudulent activities committed in Mumbai and hence they were transferred to

Mumbai with the help of a transfer warrant acquired by Traders Association of

Information Technology (TAIT).


It all started a year ago, when a gang of three brothers: Raju Purohit

(alias: Mahindra), Chagan Purohit and Madan Purohit, used to operate under the

banner of Lucky Computers, which disappeared from Mumbai after defrauding many

dealers. A formal investigation was launched and an FIR was registered, but the

accused were declared absconding.

A year later Apple Infosys in Ahmedabad did the same disappearing act. Soon

it was discovered that it was the same gang of three brothers who had cheated

dealers in Mumbai. This time they managed to take a credit of around Rs 25 lakh

before absconding.

However, this time the member of ACMA decided not to let them go off easily.

An FIR was filed and action was initiated against the accused.


As part of the investigation, they obtained detailed mobile bills from the

mobile service provider to find clues about their whereabouts. RG Patel,

President of ACMA, who helped the police analyze the data, came across few BSNL

numbers dialed to Rajasthan. After verifying the numbers in the online BSNL

directory, they found that repeated calls were made to a cargo office in


After an inquiring at the cargo office in Rajasthan it was found that two

parcels weighing 250kg were couriered from Apple Infosys to Luv-Kush Enterprises

in Rajasthan. ACMA team members along with the police kept a watch on the cargo

office to keep tab on who was coming to pick up the parcel. Meanwhile, the cargo

office received information that Luv-Kush Enterprises had hired the cargo

company's vehicle to deliver the goods. The trail led the police to the

cheats, who were finally arrested and put under remand.

The fraudsters where then brought to Mumbai with the help of a transfer

warrant acquired by TAIT.

According to sources, the culprits named four dealers in Mumbai who purchased

goods at a discounted price of 15 to 20 percent. The dealers named by the

fraudster are Navkaar Computer, Neelkanth, Mehta Infosys and Manglik.

Sources also point out that one Mumbai-based dealer was aware of these cheats

operation in Ahmedabad. “Instead of informing the associations across the

cities, this person approached the accused and managed to get his share of loss

by threatening them that he would disclose their whereabouts to the

association,” he said.