Galaxy launches 5.1 subwoofer speaker system

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Chennai-based Trishla Impex Inc has launched LOGICFOX V5.1,

which comprises of five speakers along with a Subwoofer. Priced at Rs 2,450 this

new generation speaker from Trishla out powers the flaws of the earlier era by

introducing hear, see and feel trend.

The digital display embedded 5.1 speakers come in three

packages - EV 2-1 (Output 2500 W), EH 2-1 (Output 1800 W) and C 13 (Output 440

W). The speaker not only gives sound clarity, sharpness but it has digital

display with modern and innovative look.

LOGICFOX has a built in 5.1 channel amplifier, AC-3/DTS

ready, simulated surround effect, independent channel volume control, self

protection of over-voltage, overload, compatible for PC, DVD, VCD, CD, TV with

an output power of 4500 W.

Trishla Impex are also the importers of CD storage pouches

or wallets, multimedia speakers, head sets, compaq disks, copy holders, CD

cleaning kit and computer peripherals being imported and marketed under the

brand name Galaxy.

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