Fujitsu unveils its 'green' thin client

DQW Bureau
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With 'green' being the buzzword in the industry, computer hardware and IT

services company Fujitsu has announced that its recently launched FUTRO S100 is

the company's most energy-efficient thin client. FUTRO S100 provides an

affordable entry to the world of server-based computing.

A FUTRO S100 thin client along with a monitor consumes a maximum of 29 watts

under full load, 66 percent less than the consumption of even a green desktop PC

and monitor. The client is fan less and hence silent.

Thin clients facilitate server-centric computing model where application

software, data, and processing power are all based on a network server rather

than on the desktop.


Chandan Mehta, Product Manager, Fujitsu Technology Solutions said, “FUTRO

S100 is our most energy-efficient thin client, and it's a perfect entry point

for server-based computing and virtual workplace solutions. Making the switch to

Fujitsu's thin client line combines the benefits of high availability,

near-silent operation and easy manageability with a very low total cost of


The Fujitsu FUTRO S100 is compatible with a range of server client

infrastructures including Linux-based eLux, and Windows CE 6.0. It is powered by

VIA Eden 500 and VIA VX800 media system processors. FUTRO S100 also supports 1GB

of DDR2 system memory and has two USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, fast Ethernet

network and supports internal compact flash-based storage cards.

Recently, the company had revealed its plans to deliver a 10-petaflop

supercomputer, which would be almost 10 times more powerful than today's fastest

system, by early 2011.

"The supercomputer, which will be based on Fujitsu's upcoming Sparc64 VIIIfx

processor, is being built for Japan's Institute of Physical and Chemical

Research, known as RIKEN," said Takumi Maruyama, Head-Processor Development,