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Fujifilm India Launches LTO Ultrium9 Data Cartridge in India

Fujifilm India the visionary leader in technology and innovation is pleased to announce the launch of the Fujifilm LTO Ultrium9 Data Cartridge’ (LTO9). A revolutionary recording media that complies with the ninth generation LTO Ultrium standards for magnetic tape storage media, suitable for backing up and archiving large-capacity data. Designed with Fujifilm’s proprietary technology, LTO9 offers up to 45TB in storage capacity (18TB for non-compressed data), a 50% increase from the previous generation of LTO tape. The high capacity, achieved in the new LTO9, caters to the surging data storage demand amidst the rapid development of IoT technology and acceleration of Digital Transformation, and contributes to mitigating CO2 emissions, an urgent task that must be addressed globally.

Magnetic tapes are attracting increasing attention as storage media that provides long-term storage of large-capacity data safely at low cost, especially in India where there is a greater emphasis now on digitization. Additionally, they have a significantly lower environmental impact as there is no need to have it constantly powered on during data storage, thereby mitigating the amount of CO2 emissions generated during its lifecycle by 95% when compared to hard disk drives (HDDs).

Speaking on the launch of the product, Koji Wada, MD, Fujifilm India said, “At Fujifilm, we look towards providing a fitting solution to the problems of the ever-evolving world. With digitisation taking the centre stage today, industries needed a smart and sustainable solution to their data storage needs – hence, we have announced the launch of our latest LTO Ultrium9 Data Cartridge in India. With a maximum capacity of 45 TB, the data cartridge ensures safe storage of your computed data in a device that is not only affordable, but also environmentally conscious. At Fujifilm, we are vigilant and alert at recognizing the fallacies in technology and innovation, as we have for a long time, and develop solutions that will help tackle those short-comings. We are sure that this product will immensely benefit the Indian digital industry and will prove to be a gamechanger.”

The new LTO9 data cartridge features barium ferrite magnetic particles (BaFe magnetic particles), formulated into fine particles with Fujifilm’s proprietary “NANOCUBIC technology”, evenly distributed to coat tape surfaces, forming a smooth and thin magnetic layer with minimum unevenness. This has resulted in the maximum storage capacity of 45TB (18TB for non-compressed data), some 1.5 times the capacity of LTO8. The new tape also delivers high-speed data transfer reaching 1,000MB/sec. (400MB/sec. for non-compressed data) for advanced convenience. Furthermore, there is no need to have it constantly powered on during data storage, thereby reducing the amount of electricity consumption in the process compared to HDDs. Magnetic tapes can also be stored offline, creating “air gap” as a form of protection to minimize the risk of data damage / loss in cyberattacks. The fact that the storage media provides long-term storage of high-capacity data safely, has made magnetic tape a preferred choice of major data centers and research institutes for many years.

The recording media industry is ever-changing and will witness further innovations in the near future as each developer looks to create the perfect offering to match all our technological needs. This will help humankind take another step-forward in its constant race for technological improvement, and Fujifilm will always be leading the charge when it comes to making a change for the better.

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