Free laptops to be distributed in TN from Jan, 2012

Lenovo quotes the lowest price followed by HCL in the bidding process

New Update

Lenovo has quoted the lowest bid in the free laptop scheme, a poll promise made by the Government of Tamil Nadu. HCL, another leading vendor has quoted the second lowest price amongst the bidders. If the authentic sources from Electronic Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT), the state nodal agency which has been authorized to execute the scheme is to be believed, around 6,000 laptops have been distributed in the fi rst phase. According to sources in ELCOT, Lenovo has reportedly quoted Rs. 13,500 for a laptop (Rs. 10,000 lesser against the market rate). The second lowest price has been reportedly quoted by HCL at Rs. 14,452. "We are planning to supply 9.12 lakh laptops before Pongal, in January. The estimated cost for completing the project is around Rs 10,200 crore. These laptops will be supplied among the school and college students under different phases in the next 5 years," an offi cial from ELCOT told The DQ Week on the condition of anonymity. He also said that, more than one vendor can be used to supply laptops. However, the official refused to comment further on the scheme.

The bidding process was over a week before, even thought there were no offi cial versions from both the sides. According to sources in ELCOT, around 20 companies were selected in the fi nal process. Once the process gets started, the winning bidder will setup service center across Tamil Nadu.