Free 4 Months of Google Play Music starts now

Google is offering a four-month free subscription on its music streaming service Google Play Music for new subscribers, allowing users to scan up to 50,000 songs from their music library.

Typically, Google offers a 90-day free trial when a user signs up, but the offer has been extended by one month, the Verge reported recently.

Users can listen to custom radio stations on their computer or mobile device using Google Play Music service.

However, users who use the free service face ads on their app, unlike those subscribers who pay around $10.

Such users can also listen to over 35 million songs, download music to listen offline, and get access to YouTube Red.

Though Google has offered similar deals in the past, it was not clear how long the deal would remain active.

Google Play Music All Access was launched in April this year in India. The Music-streaming service allows user to stream songs from Google  library without any restrictions. It allows users to search for music based on preferences like language, favourite artists and music directors. Users can even watch videos in the app. Users can also access the playlists created by app based one user’s personal music taste.

“Google Play Music uses machine learning to figure out what music you like and then mixes in signals like location, activity, and the weather along with hand-picked playlists to personalize music for wherever you are and whenever you want tunes. When you opt in, we’ll deliver personalized music based on why you are listening – relaxing at home, powering through at work, exploring new cities, and everything in between. Your workout music is front and center as you walk into the gym, a sunset soundtrack appears just as the sky goes pink, and tunes for focusing turn up at the library,”  notes the company’s official blog.

The app runs on minimal mobile data and even allows users to download songs when offline. The subscription fee for the service is Rs 89 per month if you sign up during the first 45 days of the launch.

“Google Play Music lets you stream music using minimal data on mobile. No connection? No problem. When you subscribe, you can enjoy offline listening, and be prepped with an offline playlist based on what you’ve listened to recently, even if you forgot to download them ahead of time. Enjoy a discounted subscription offer of 89 INR per month if you sign up within the first 45 days.


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