Fraser to embrace channels

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Fraser Techno Circuits Ltd, a power-related solution provider, is taking

channels route to grow its business in the market. It will appoint 15 to 20

channel partners in over eight cities, by this year-end. "We will have two

resellers in each city such as Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Pune, Cochin,

Chennai, Mum-bai and Delhi, and we expect them to bring in significant business

from the local cha-nnel market," dis-closed Narendra Damani, Director,

Fraser Techno Circuits. The company projects a reve-nue of Rs 3 crore from

channel business by March 2006, while its overall turnover target for the year

would be Rs 12 crore.

The company wants to market multi-socket outlets, surge protectors and travel

accessories through channels. It is currently engaged in aggressive campaigns to

promote its products among the resellers. "We are brining in a new range of

power strips with volt meter, temperature feature, USB port and easy plug-n-play

options, which will be marketed again through channels," he said.

Recently, the company tied-up with two UK-based firms-IDC Plugs Ltd and

Burland Solutions to market their range of products in the country. "We

have also signed a joint venture (50:50) with Burland to manufacture their

products here in India. Currently, we are working on the setting up of

manufacturing plant in Bangalore and Burland will support us in designs,

technical expertise and manufacturing practices, am-ong others," said

Damani. Fraser Techno Circuits is also eyeing overseas market and wants to

establish offices in Malaysia and Dubai, in the next six-months.

The company is basically into four main areas of busi-ness such as office

electrics, data center products, surge protectors and travel acce-ssories

(laptop solutions). It is an OEM supplier to many leading brands and solution

providers, besides directly into end-user business. Last year, the company

registered a turnover of Rs 2 crore and it plans to double it for the current


S Gopikrishna