Fourth R's computer literacy now for social cause

DQW Bureau
02 Feb 2002

In conjunction with NGO's like Shiksha and Pratham, The Fourth R India is into bridging the digital divide between the have and have-nots by initiating social thrust scheme through the medium of computers. The Fourth R India is a provider of computer education for children aged between 3-17 years. It is a Master License Agent of Fourth R Inc., USA.

The social thrust program has identified four specific areas of social support, which include creating greater awareness and interest on computers by interacting through newspapers/ journals specifically targeted at children. They will provide free computer training to accredited school teachers anywhere in India, spread social messages to school children through the medium of computers and finally provide basic computer education to the underprivileged children. The Fourth R, which initially focussed at the premium schools, would now extend its presence at the municipal, government and corporation schools. With the intention of spreading computer literacy even to the lowest level, Fourth R will run this program in collaboration with Shiksha and

"We will be supporting with the curriculum and provide free training to the children and teachers. The curriculum is called the `Popular Curriculum', which will make use of the freeware like the Star Office and the shareware. Shiksha and Pratham would provide the technical support. We are in talks with the Azim Premji Foundation and the Sundaram Services Trust of the TVS group to float this program," said Dr C T Chari, CEO, The Fourth R.

As part of this program they have launched "Millennial Teacher" training program to assist teachers in understanding the fundamentals of computers and familiarize them to the computer environment against the backdrop of the academics.

"Millennial Teacher" is a program for fifteen hours.

In keeping with the company's commitment to the cause of under privileged children, The Fourth R India entered into a partnership with UNICEF to contribute to the social cause of children in the country.


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