Flipkart launches ‘Seller Hub’ app

Crossing another milestone in the ecommerce journey, Flipkart has announced the launch of its mobile app for sellers. Aimed at building and strengthening the overall marketplace ecosystem, the ‘Seller Hub’ App will help merchants on the Flipkart platform to manage their businesses from anywhere and at any given time.

Developed to bring convenience to sellers, the ‘Seller Hub’ App will enable sellers to grow and expand their businesses by using their smartphones—giving them mobility across geographies. From listings, orders, returns, payments and order fulfillment, the on-the-go solution will provide sellers real-time data on all aspects of their business.

Ankit Nagori, SVP – Marketplace, Flipkart said, “We are excited to announce the launch of ‘Seller Hub’ App. The app will offer sellers end-to-end visibility and enable them to enjoy a seamless selling experience. Focused at creating ease and convenience for sellers across the nation, this app will help sellers reach out to 45 million Flipkart customers on-the-go. ”

He further added, “As an extension of products and services offered to our sellers, this new app will offer an even-playing ground for sellers from both metros and small cities. With smartphones becoming the primary device to access the internet, we are confident that this app will be a big hit amongst our sellers.”

The ‘Seller Hub’ app will see addition of new features in the upcoming months. This will help new sellers to register and kick start their businesses along with enabling the current base of 30,000+ sellers to further streamline the entire process of doing business online.

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