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Flipkart launches “Apne Smartphone ko Banao Smarter” campaign

Flipkart recently announced the launch of its latest mobile application campaign “Apne Smartphone Ko Banao Smarter”. The campaign highlights the aspects of convenience and choice while shopping through the Flipkart app, reaching out to the next generation of mobile first and mobile only internet users across metro and non-metro markets. 

Commenting on the campaign, Shoumyan Biswas, Senior Director, Marketing – Flipkart said, “The concept of Apne Smartphone Ko Banao Smarter came about from the observation that mobile phones are fuelling habit and lifestyle adoption, allowing people do so much more with their phones than what they earlier could. Today, almost everyone understands the benefits of a smartphone, but the dependence on apps is much lower. This campaign uses this insight and talks about how much better your smartphone, and your life, can become if it had Flipkart’s shopping app installed.”

This 360 degree marketing campaign is backed by innovative customer engagement activities across different platforms. It’s definitely one of the most in-depth, out-of-the-box campaigns ever launched by an Indian e-commerce player.  To give a glimpse of its scope – apart from the usual TV films and outdoor coverage, there are digital only films targeted at those viewing videos only on their smartphones. We also have native advertising  within the apps, a mobile controlled game, contextual advertising across interesting locations, some interesting user generated content and a whole lot more”, Shoumyan added.

Over the next few weeks, the Apne Smartphone ko Banao Smarter campaign will see an interesting series of communications across a huge range of media touch points.

Speaking on the creative approach Prateek and Sunita from Chapter Five said, “Through these films, we are urging people to use their smartphones to the fullest potential. Shopping is one of the things people can and should do using their smartphones. By downloading the Flipkart app, they are liberated from the hassles of shopping, as they can now do it anytime, anywhere. We have used ordinary people as spokespersons to showcase how universal the app has become and also to emphasize that downloading the Flipkart app is the most obvious thing to do.”

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