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Pramati Technologies Introduces WaveMaker in India

Pramati Technologies officially launched in India it’s low-code platform – WaveMaker, which is custom built for enterprise developers to transform ageing applications.

Predicted to be a $27.2 billion-dollar market by 2022, the low code is experiencing a steep growth curve. Recently, large enterprise ecosystem players like Microsoft (PowerApps), Google (AppMaker), Salesforce (Lightning) and Oracle (APEX) have begun to prominently endorse the low-code features in their product portfolio. This is a clear indication of low-code’s growing importance in the realm of Enterprise IT.

To transform ageing applications WaveMaker combines it’s two platforms – Rapid and HyScale. While Rapid accelerates app development using low-code, HyScale streamlines app delivery using containers. To help iron out deeper problems along the way, WaveMaker also offers custom engineering services.

With this platform-led approach to legacy transformation, WaveMaker has achieved immense success in North American markets. From simple Oracle form-based apps to complex Mainframe green-screens, WaveMaker has been able to deliver production success faster and with minimal development resources.

“Unlike other low-code platforms in the market, WaveMaker’s primary users are enterprise developers, not business users. From the way the UI is laid out, its interoperability with IDE’s to the Open standards-based tech stack used, every detail is made keeping the developer in mind – ample dexterity to handle any complexity” said Deepak Anupalli, WaveMaker’s head of product engineering.

WaveMaker is available as a free trial (no credit card required) for the first 30 days, the post which it can be used on the cloud or on-prem with a license fee, priced per user. There is full training and learning support offered even during the trial. WaveMaker can also be white-labelled for companies looking to integrate it deeper into their development ecosystems.

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