Flaunt your Assets

“Nothing has happened until it has been recorded”— Virginia Woolf.
One of the most common constraints that I face while giving coverage
about our solution providers and partners is that some good success
stories are getting left out. In fact, most of the criticism that we
get are about what we should have done, rather than what we have done.
And it is very often from the guys who have directly or indirectly
worked on those projects that have got left out-the SPs, partners and
so on. The dichotomy though is unlike vendors who are proactive (and
sometimes launch aggressive PR campaigns) to get these case studies
covered, the solution providers are reticent, not sure or downright
indifferent. But then again they cry that their successes are not
getting adequately covered. And let me admit at the fi rst count, very
often a lot of those claims are fairly valid. There are many good
stories we often miss out. But having said that, I would like  to
quickly add thatit is despite our best efforts to get as many deserving
stories as possible. The reason some get left out is because unlike in
the corporate sector, in the  channels, there is no organized
machinery  working out full time to ensure media coverage, or even
respond to media queries. Very often,  missing out good stories by
us (or by any media) is because of lack of basic information.

Of course, as journalists, it is our job to get to those information.
But I must take this opportunity to make  a strong point: it is
also the job of those who put a lot of efforts to make those projects
work, especially the solution providers and their marketing people
involved in the project. To many Indians, this would sound like 
the anti-thesis of what they have often believed: if you do good work,
you do not need to talk about it. That is a mindset we need to
challenge. Karma defi nitely does
not work the ancient Indian way anymore. Why was Gandhiji going from
place to place speaking to as many Indians as possible? We have an
answer there. Without people’s active participation, the freedom
struggle would have remained just that: a struggle for ever. Media is
an important vehicle. But I am not becoming too pompous pretending that
it is the only vehicle. The stakeholders in the success of solution
providers are many: SMBs, even smaller partners down the line and yes
even the vendors…The better they know about your work, the better is
the possibility of overall success. A project’s success is not just
about how smoothly and how effi ciently did the rollout happen. Not
even, for that matter, how many  people have used it in the fi rst
few months. Today is the day of marketing yourself…otherwise, however
good may be your work, you would stand nowhere…If you have the right
assets, fl aunt it….only then you will make them attractive to the
right suitors.

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