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DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Flash Design for Mobile Devices: A style Guide for the Wireless Revolution. The title summarizes the book pretty well. The book is meant for designers who find themselves confronted with new challenges while making a transition from the traditional to a wireless platform. Flash Design for Mobile Devices deals extensively with design issues of next-generation wireless appliances. The book targets web and Flash designers who are interested in wireless appliances, wireless developers and web and graphic design hobbyists. 

The book is authored by August de los Reyes and contains articles by multiple authors. Flash Design for Mobile Devices is published in India by Hungry Minds/IDG Books India Pvt Ltd and is priced at Rs 249. The objective of the book is to introduce designers to the language, design process and user experience of wireless and mobile devices and also to provide guidelines for the application of traditional interactive design techniques to the small screen.

The book is divided into 5 parts: Part one discussed the three aspects of mobile mindset namely language & terminology, history of communication technologies and limitations of the medium.

In part two of the book, you'd find all the macro issues of shaping content for mobile devices - information architecture, interface design, user experience and editorial style.

Part three of the book defines mobile design blueprint with special focus on design approaches, pitfalls & practices for layout, typography, graphic imagery and iconography.

While part four discusses techniques for adding cutting edge capabilities to mobile appliances, part five gradually takes you on to high-level information for enhancing mobile content. The book concludes with long-term trends in mobile design and consumer expectations.

Patricia Sridhar

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