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Fitness First and Nirvana Being collaborate to bring breath-takingly clean air to its fitness clubs

In light of last week’s WHO report wherein India gained the distinction of being home to 14 of the worst air pollution Cities in the World, Fitness First became the country’s first fitness club to equip its centre Zone’57 with state of the art, air filtration systems in collaboration with Nirvana Being.

It has made this move keeping in line with its brand image of being a leader in hi-tech innovation. In this endeavour to live up to its philosophy of a premium fitness provider with excellent standards of service, it has made this concept of ‘Responsible Sport’ a reality. Soon we will see air quality as an important factor in determining safe conditions for activity and sport.

When indulging in intensive exercise, not only do we increase our air intake, but we also breathe deeper. The impact of this can be very harmful, considering the quality of our air. Air pollution affects the performance of the participants when engaging in intensive activity during work outs especially when done over stretched periods.

Driven by this concern and awareness, Fitness First is the first health club that has taken this responsible and informed action to protect and ensure the well-being of their members.

The world class filter less air cleaners are retrofitted on the existing HVAC infrastructure and eliminate all the harmful pollutants in the indoor air. With a focus on maintaining safe levels of PM2.5 and Carbon Dioxide, the members are sure to experience the increased refreshing effects of the pristine air!

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