Gujarat Bandh

FITAG flexes muscles against E Commerce, calls for Gujarat Bandh

Shutdown is to show strength of retailers in Gujarat to vendors and the government

All associations in Gujarat have flexed muscles against E Commerce. Intensifying fight against online giants, Federation of Information Technology Associations (FITAG), an umbrella body of all IT associations across Gujarat has called for statewide bandh on Wednesday.  The federation has given an ultimatum to vendors to clear their policies for online and offline retailers.

Gaurang Vyas, president of FITAG said that the aim of the shutdown was to show strength of retailers in Gujarat to vendors and the government.

“We have given a deadline to all the vendors till 17th November to disclose their pricing policies for offline and online vendors. If they fell to response, we will go on strikes from 18th November”, he said.

“Despite of several protests, the government and vendors have not considered our pledge. Online Commerce has disrupted the ecosystem of traditional retail market.  It is time to stand for the survival of more than 16000 small retailers in the state”, he said.

Mr. Vyas said that the biggest threat to retail market is companies selling products at predatory prices which is hampering businesses of small retailers.

“Our biggest protest is against unethical business practices of online companies. They are selling goods below MOP. They are indulged in tax evasions and fraudulent activates. Government should probe their suspicious business activities”, he said.

Unnat Mehta, president of SITA-Surat said, “Today’s bandh is the first step against unethical online business. However, SITA-Surat strongly feels that without the support of parent companies, these online giants cannot enjoy exclusivity in products, huge discounts and special schemes. Companies are not supporting traditional channel. We have decided to oppose vendors by not purchasing from 12th November. We have decided many other actions against unethical business practices by vendors which will be implemented step by step.”

Mr. Mehta pointed out that some channel partners are supporting E Commerce by tie up with them. He appealed all channel partners to refrain from supporting online portals directly or indirectly.

Praful Desai, president of Rajkot Computer Traders Association (RCTA) said, “We fully support FITAG’s call for Gujarat bandh. We have closed our offices to mark our protest against online menace.”

FITAG is an Umbrella body of all 25 IT associations across Gujarat. FITAG thus represents nearly 2500+ IT partners. The federation is going to represent its concerns to the IT department, Finance department and to the Competitive Commission of India (CCI).



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