firstRain announces mobile information SW solution phones

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firstRain Software Centre, a company that provides infrastructure software

for the next-generation Web, has announced the release of its mobile information

software solution for most popular mobile devices including the Palm,

Handspring, Compaq iPAQ, RIM Blackberry, as well as a host of Web-enabled cell

phones. With the launch of this innovative initiative, the company has

introduced a new generation of software that meets the real challenge of

integrating the mobile worker or customer of an enterprise within a

comprehensive Instant Awareness solution.

The firstRain Instant Awareness software platform, that helps to create

snippets or components for inclusion in the mobile application, provides a

number of features important to rapidly creating effective mobile information

solutions. These components can be linked together, as required, to create a new

application targeted to the specific needs of the mobile user, which can even

include new functionality absent in the source components. In addition, the

firstRain mobile information solution adds powerful features focused on the

special requirements of mobile applications.

Targeting enterprises across industry verticals including financial

institutions, media, hospitality services and others, besides mobile carriers,

wireless Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content distribution networks,

Value-Added Service Providers (VASPs), and wireless Application Service

Providers (ASPs), the company is marketing its solutions and services in India

with ARI, an IT solutions provider.

"firstRain's mobile information solution is most suited for the emerging

market that has a steady growth of mobile workforce and the desire of companies

to communicate more directly with their customers, using wireless technologies

to keep everyone in touch from wherever they are, whenever they needed,"

says Shravan Rewari, Managing Director, firstRain Software Centre Pvt. Ltd. He

added that the company's offerings go beyond the simple wireless extensions to

make the mobile worker or the remote customer an integral part of the business