Fire causes Crores of loss in Nehru Place

Administrative apathy led to the blunder causing fire in 8 shops

Nehru Place, Asia’s largest IT hub got thrilled on Friday 19, when major fire broke out in the market. 8 shops of IT peripherals and software were extremely damaged in Siddharth Building. A short circuit in AC causes the loss of approx Rs. 1-2 crore of IT partner’s money. However, no one got physically harmed in this incident.

According to witnesses, 8:30 at night when most of the market was shutting down, a short circuit happened in AC. Initially the fire was not on its dangerous mood but suddenly fire catches the packing store which was full of packing cardboards, cartons and papers. After, fire bury out other 7 shops of software, hardware, ink cartridges and laptop repair.


Mahinder Agarwal, Chairman, All Delhi Computers Dealers Association, (ADCTA) said, “When we got informed about incident, myself with Swaran Singh and Guddu  immediately went on the spot and we informed police and fire station and we started to stop the fire with some fire extinguishers. But the fire was extremely big and we managed the fire not to effect other shops and offices. After 30 min fire brigade came on the spot until then fire had already done the entire damage.”

Highlighting on the fire emergency facilities, Swaran Singh, General Secretary, All Delhi Computers Dealers Association(ADCTA) said, “There are 11 water storage well available in Nehru Place to prevent any fire emergency but they always remain vacant. There is no water facility in the market. Partners itself call local water tankers of their personal uses. Though it’s a largest IT Hub in India, there are no fire extinguishers available in the market. Government never gives focus on fire extinguishers equipment for any emergency. We continue raises the issue in front of DDA and other authority, but we don’t get any response from them.”

However, ADCTA came in front to help these IT partners whose shops and offices got destroyed in this incident. All IT partners of Nehru Place along with ADCTA contributing and raising compensation to help affected partners who have lost their business.



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